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Central Africa

No description

N Shuping

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Central Africa

Central Africa Region
By Nick and Triston Physical Geography
Central African Republic
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Sao Tome
Equatrial Guineu
Democratic Republic of the Congo Ruwenzori Mountains
The African Plateau in the Congo
The Congo River
Ubangi River
Avg. temp. 80 deg.
Avg. of 80 in.of percipitation
Some have 150 in. per year

Traditional People
-The Fang People
Are hunters and gatherers
They make homes from wood, clay, and bricks or concrete with metal roofs
-Mbuti People
Live in the rain forest
Trade goods with Bantu farmers
Mbuti people are often short even as adults
No they will not have trouble surving because they have adapted to the rain forest
environment. Until the rain forest is completly gone the the Mbuti tribe will be able
to survive well were they are.

No because its a very diffrent life style than what i am use to. The living conditions would be very diffrent, it would be much warmer than were i live. I would also be worried about getting an illness that I am not exposed to in the U.S. I would aslo be concerned with getting arrested for doing something thats legal in the U.S. and illegal in Africa. Government
The government in the Central Africa is mostly democracy and it is rising. Most of the countries are following others and becoming a democratic government. The countries of Central Africa might be enjoying this because you have a right to make your own decisions and choices. This is the most fair part of government because in a democracy people have rights to do what they want. The democratic government is an effective type of government because as countries change over to the democracy the crime rates have made a dramatic change for the better. Also killings in the Central African area have lowered too. This is why the democratic government is good. Popular Culture
A lot of people work on and live close to or on the Congo River
People on the Congo use boats to travel.
Most Africans are Christian or follow traditional African religions.
Almost all Africans play Soccer. Citations
Linda Scher,A Journey Through Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Realm, Layton UT, Gibbs Smith, 2008 Sao Tome and Principe Cameroon Central Africa Republic Chad Equitorial Guiniea Gabon Democratic Republic of the Congo
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