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No description

Paola Finol

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Charmin

Charmin "ENJOY THE GO" Problem Statement Objectives Brand Profile Industry Analysis Competitor Profile Target Profile SWOT Analysis Create a way to promote Charmin's everyday product in an innovative way that creates a memorable brand experience as well as national brand recognition in consumers' minds. 1. Generate brand awareness and recognition

2. Overcome the "been there, done that" attitude

3. Create a Charmin experience

4. Maintain healthy media relationships Charmin was created in 1928
Acquired by P&G in 1957
Mr. Whipple's "Please Don't Squeeze the Charmin!" Campaign
Leonard the Bear
A brand you can trust
These women have a full day, everyday. They want a product that does the job and they can rely upon. Proctor & Gamble is the world's largest and most profitable consumer products company, with nearly $84 billion in sales and 25 billion-dollar brands.

P&G, Georgia-Pacific, and Kimberly Clark together control about two-thirds of the market share. Campaign Strategy 1) Moms on-the-go 2) Young, female adults Women in their 20's starting their new, independent life. They have a busy schedule and want a reliable product. Strengths Weaknesses Threats Opportunities Customer Loyalty
Product Quality
Top-selling toilet paper brand Many competitors
All claim to be "the softest" A change to reposition away from same claims competitors hold
New and innovative!
Big name, big bucks! Geographic Profile Budget Brand Loyalty
Low-involvement product New York City-- “center of the universe”
Advertising clutter in Times Square
1.5 million impressions per sign per day
Super popular, regular traffic and tourists
1.6 million people per day
10 million viewers on T.V.
Lack of public restrooms Potty Palooza Renting Space 20 bathroom stalls
November 17- December 31
The "Go Team" Worker's
salaries Sign Space Other Various Costs $1,800,000
50.7% $50,000
1.4% ~$700,000
19.7% ~$1,000,000
28.2% Charmin Restrooms "Enjoy the Go!" Make the bathroom experience fun & fresh through guerrilla marketing Campaign Objectives Photo-ops
Ceremonial "First Flush"
Charmin Ambassadors 1. Break through clutter in Time Square during one of the busiest times of year
2. Achieve 1 billion impressions for Charmin Restrooms and the “Enjoy the Go” campaign
3. Gain national media coverage (not just NY)
4. Involve consumers in the family experience ROI Guerilla Marketing Paola Finol
Melissa Lopez
Jordan Gurrentz
Ashley Brocato
Megan Trumeter Perfect tool for storytelling
Generate buzz
Atypical tactics
Stand out against competition Mosaic Marketing Greater than 14% sales increase
Guerrilla marketing - emotional connection
Positive impact on the community
Client retention
Differentiation provides:
more value
entertainment "marketing that has direct & immediate business impact" Measurable
~100% impression recall compared to traditional 33%
Memorable Thank you Estimated total cost = $3,550,000
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