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10 Facts About Yaleshka

No description

Yaleshka Estrada

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of 10 Facts About Yaleshka

10 Facts About Yaleshka
Fact 4:
Throughout my entire summer, I’ve been dealing existential crises. Everyday I would overthink the things I want to work for the future. So after visiting Youtube conventions [Playlist Live] for the past 2 years, I finally discovered what my passion is. Filming. Filming is what I do for my entertainment and what I would love to do as a profession.
Fact 6:
I’m bilingual.
I can speak spanish, english and
somewhat french but
I don’t include french as part of my
speaking abilities because
if you speak french to me,
I would get easily get confused.
I can have a full on conversation by
speaking spanish and obviously english.
Fact 8:
I’ve been raised by two of my foreign parents. They both are from Puerto Rico and decided to both move here in America for financial purposes. My dad was a paramedic
my mom enrolled in ECC.
They both inspired me to
move anywhere in the
world no matter where
you’re from which given
me an idea for my future.
Fact 10 Yay!
I love the feeling of getting scared. The adrenaline of from being terrified is one of my favorite feelings. Getting it from watching horror movies or walking through haunted houses. I’m always that person of the group who would sacrifice themselves to see what’s outside.
Fact 2:
I lived in NYC for 3 1/2 years and it was terrifying for me. Getting awake by spanish music at 5 in the morning, metro train trembling the ground streets every minute, and steamy smoke running off the streets from manholes. Even though I encountered many horrific moments in New York City, I still miss living there every day.
Fact 1:
Traveling is my main ambition for the future. The idea of visiting places with different cultures really fascinates me. I’ve traveled to tropical places like Puerto Rico and Florida but the main places I really want to travel are Paris, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, Japan, Scotland, or London. I even love going to the airport because the fact of going there is either flying anywhere in the world or going back home to your comfort zone.
Fact 3:
When I was 7 years old, I survived a very severe car accident. Not any casual car accident, it was one where the vehicle ran over my bare legs with it’s tires and it was definitely not lovely. Miraclely, I still have my legs in good condition but I still have the small leftover scars.
Fact 5:
I love exercising. The feeling of pushing yourself into a hard workout really joys me because while I am exercising, I feel like I can do anything and be as healthy as I can be.

Fact 7:
I have a rare music taste. I can listen to Muse to Avicii, to Mumford and Sons to The Neighbourhood, or M83 to Paramore. I always love listening to music, it opens my mind and can easily entertain me.
Fact 9:
I have four sisters. One of them became a marine and was sent to work in California and from today she is currently living with her marine husband. The other lives with her child in Ohio with her husband who works in the Army. The other two lives here, in this non eventful place.
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