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Water Wheels and Water Turbines

This is for my project at school.

Kylie Yuen

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Water Wheels and Water Turbines

Water wheels
Water Turbines Kylie
Ryan Water Power Water turbines were invented by the Romans who hovered a water wheel over a running stream which turned and did something. The real first electric generated turbine was made in the 18th century by Andrej Segner which is still used today. Water wheels were invented by the greeks and modified in the Hellenistic period in 1st and 3rd century B.C. The Romans found out about water wheels when they conquered Greece and they used it for mining gold. Romans also used them to drain water from mines there are 16 water wheels all turning to carry the water up to the surface.romans also used them for sawing wood and invented the first recorded sawmill. They also inventeda boat powered with water wheels. Roman scribe wrote "Greatest power known to the Romans" Acknowledgments www.google.ca
curriculum.cna.ca The top 5 Hyrdroelectric
producers are:
Sweden Advantages Eco friendly
Low cost electricity
Provides Clean Electricity
Supply towns with clean water
Renewable energy
Does not let out unhealthy fumes like carbon dioxide
It is interesting to watch
Disadvantages When dams are built, there is a 50/50 chance of floods which will destroy near by living things and other structures
Process is slow
Needs GREAT care when in construction
Fish can not go over the dam to their original place to lay eggs which will decrease the population of certain fish like the salmon Water Wheels and Turbines History History Diagrams Rushing water can turn turbine/waterwheels and converts the energy of the spinning wheel/turbine into electricity/ kinetic energy. Hydroelectric dams and water wheels
are for the same use but they are
different because water wheels are from the 1st and 3rd Century bc and hydroelectric dams are from the 18th century. Thanks for watching!
Meow! Ba bye! Here is a picture/diagram of the water wheels for the draining of deep mines underground.
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