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SCLY1 Postmodernity & The Life Course

No description

m betts

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of SCLY1 Postmodernity & The Life Course

Think about a parent / grandparent - how many different family types have they belonged to up to this point in time ?
Learning about the concepts & thinkers.

Working in small groups you will examine one of the arguments on p74-77 of your books.

Divide your group so that 2 members are looking to write down the key thinkers & concept words. You can all do this initially... then

when you have done a few the other 2 members of the group have to find strengths / weaknesses & alternative ideas & mind map these around the post it note.
Class Feedback
Feedback to teacher & each other
Bringing our notes up to date ...
Using the poster use the next few minutes to bring your notes on Postmodernity & The Life Course Up to Date ...

Postmodernity & The Life Course
To understand & evaluate the view that we now live in a period of family diversity.
What have we learnt today ?

What haven't we learnt today ?

Quick Test ...
The exam question ...
Functionalist View on Diversity ?
New Right View on Diversity ?
Chester ???
Rapoport & Rapoport ???
Life Course Analysis ???
Family Practices ???
Giddens ???
Risk Society ???
Stacey ???
Weeks ???
Sir's end of lesson test that's sort of like a test but isn't & is sort of like a quiz but isn't ...
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