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The Importance of Mariachi Music

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Rylee Hubbard

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of The Importance of Mariachi Music

The Importance of Mariachi Music
"Music of Mexico"
Why is it dying down?
Mariachi music seems to be thriving, and it is. In the older generations. A new wave of music culture is clashing with the old and the younger generations are starting to tune out Mariachi as they embrace new styles of music. Without the younger generations learning the instruments and stepping in to form new bands, the mariachi movement is in the process of becoming extinct.
But we hear it on the Mexican radio all the time!
Actually you don't. The music we tend to associate with mariachi is closer to a polka style of Mexican music, which is almost like the Mexican version of country music. Or, you will hear a dance style of music called bachata which is a modern genre of music. Traditional mariachi is not often played on the radio.
Hear the difference...
Mexican Polka:
Importance of Mariachi
Because of the very many cultural traits that come with, such as dress and dance, it is important to preserve this part of Mexican heritage. Mariachi is important to Mexican tradition and identity. It has been able to survive for almost a hundred years, and should be given the opportunity to live on through many generations.
Mariachi music is not only native to the Mexican peoples but around the globe. It is heavily influenced by Spanish musical instruments, accompanied by the stories of the native Mexican people. The band can include as many as 15 musicians! This style of music is important to traditional dance, traditional clothing, and traditional instruments. Mariachi has evolved into being considered part of the Mexican way of life.
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