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A report on the first doctor to perform a full facial transplantation

gina poblete

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Miraculous

Thank You!
The first to perform a full facial trasplant!
In December 2008, Dr. Siemionow led a team for the first total face reconstructive transplantation to a woman patient who was a victim of a shotgun blast.
Edited several textbooks and contributed to published book chapters
In 2005, she was appointed professor of surgery at the Karol Miarcinkowski University of Medical Sciences in Pozan, Poland
In 2004 and 2007, she was awarded the James Barett Brown Award for best piblication in a plastic surgery journal.
Awarded the Folkert Belzer Award in trnasplantation
Why Miraculous?
Now, victims of accidents that damage facial features have hope for reconstruction!

What is she famous for?
Career & Life
A micro & transplant surgeon
Born in 1950 Krotozyn, Poland
Received medical degree from the Pozan Medical Academy in 1974
Earned PHD in microsurgery in 1985
She completed a hand surgery fellowship at the Christine Kleinert institute, Louisville, Kentucky in 1995
Presently the head of microsurgical training at the Cleveland Clinic's departmentof Plastic Surgery
Maria Siemionow
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