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The Immune System

No description

John Diehl

on 30 January 2018

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Transcript of The Immune System

The Immune System
Notes: The immune system
immune system
protects your body from infection.

are anything that
cause disease/infections
(ex: viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus)

An antigen
is part of the pathogen that your body has an immune response to (attacks).

**Antigens are often proteins found on the cell membrane of pathogens**

How does our immune system fight infection?
Types of White Blood Cells:

are cells that protect the body by
ingesting/devouring the pathogen.

Helper T Cells
direct/tell B cells to make antibodies.

Killer T Cells
release enzymes that break down and kill pathogens.

B Cells produce antibodies
to fight infections. Memory B Cells "remember" the antigen and fight the infection if it ever returns.
What are antibodies?
are proteins that
1) bind to and disable antigens
2) Bind to antigens to signal other white blood cells to kill the pathogen.

What allows antibodies to bind to the antigen?
Do Now
of the
antibody binding site
allows it to bind to the antigen.
Do Now
Notes: Allergies and the immune system
Allergic Reaction
: an immune response by the body to an
antigen on a normally harmless substance
, especially pollen, fur, a particular food, or dust.
1) Use a chromebook and the website posted on google classroom to complete the Lyme Disease assignment.

2) Make sure you completed last night's HW on antibiotic resistance.
Do Now
1) Take a handout from the side table.

2) Take out your stamp chart.

3) Take out the Antibiotic Resistance HW (7 article questions)

4) Answer today's Do Now questions on the top of the today's handout.

1) Take a seat.

Immune system project was due yesterday (counts as a test)
Google classroom assignments due next Thursday (11/26)
1) Take your lab folder from the front desk.

2) Sit at a desk.
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