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D6970 SYPS 2016 Synopsis

No description

Michelle Kaiser

on 26 July 2016

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Transcript of D6970 SYPS 2016 Synopsis

• Traditional Rotarians

• Young Rotarians/Young Horizons Clubs

• Satellite Clubs

• Rotaract Clubs

• Virtual Clubs/E Clubs
How would you describe your club?
Reaching Young Professionals and Member Retention
Why did you join Rotary?
• Rotary Stories

• I was asked...(Boss, Colleague, friend)

• Service

• Leadership

• Social/Networking

• Professional Development
Why did you stay in Rotary?
• Leadership Development

• Personal Relationships between Rotarians (mentors, friendships)

• Fun = Motivation

• Peace and Conflict Resolution

• Community Service (Local and International)

• Immediate Fulfillment

• Cross Generational Leaders
Top Problems
• Branding/Awareness

• Diversity

• Cost

• Traditional Thinking

• Stagnant Membership/Retention
• TALK about Rotary! Be proud, brag, share about it with friends

• Invite media to events or evening presentation of checks

• Speak TO businesses about Rotary
Money in the budget for corporate/professional outreach

• Active, updated Facebook page and club website with photos of what Rotary “looks” like
• Focus on INCLUSION (i.e. including all peoples) rather than diversity
Emphasis on what we have in common rather than how we are different

• Be conscious of any internal biases towards more “diverse” members

• Emphasis on INCLUSION from the District level, listening to the needs of the community

• Everyone should be called a Rotarian (Rotaract, Interact, RYLA, RYE, etc)
• Discounted membership or tiers
"Under 35 club"
Sponsorship from other members
“Hardship” fund – when member has lost a job, etc.

• A la carte membership, with optional food/meal plan
Base price for membership, additional cost for any meal eaten

• Transparency of budget to all members

• Reduce internal costs, change venue, or drop meals

• District or club sponsors first year of Rotaract -> Rotary
• Add YP’s in leadership positions

• We are all equals, no seniority

• Embrace new technology

• Evaluate the needs of the group and be willing to drop “tradition”
Prayer, Singing, etc.
Use surveys regularly to take group temperature

• More flexibility against “old rules” around attendance, dress code, etc.
Traditional Thinking
• Make group activities and meetings FUN!
Utilize surveys to gauge member interests
Happy hours/social events

• Be respectful of member time and ability to commit

• Recognize member achievements OUTSIDE of Rotary

• Get members excited about Rotary
Train club about goals of Rotary, what Rotary is all about
Large buy-in on service projects, what do WE want to accomplish?
Stagnant Membership/Retention
SYPS 2016
Paul Harris once said

“This is a changing world: we must be prepared to change with it. The story of Rotary will have to be written again and again.”
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