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All About Marcel Matthews!

No description

Computer Applications

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of All About Marcel Matthews!

All About Marcel Matthews!

My Favorite School Subjects
I like Math, Science, Social Studies, and Computer Apps.
My Favorite Foods
My Favorite Desserts
Cake, Cookies & Milk, Candy, and Chips
My Favorite Movies
Ride Along, Fast and Furious, Scary Movie, Paranormal Activity
My Favorite TV Shows
Spongebob, Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Criminal Minds
I like pizza, crab legs, chicken, and cake.
My Favorite Music Artists
My favorite music artists are Shy Glizzy, Lil' Wayne, Chief Keef, Rondo
My Most Memorable Moment
My most memorable moment is when I first got on a rollercoaster at Disney World in Florida.
If I were A Shoe I would Be....

If I were a shoe I'd be the Nike Spiderman Foams or Spiderman AF1 because they are nice shoess and I like Spiderman.
If I were an Animal I'd be....
I would be a cheetah because they are fast, smart, and hard to catch up with.
If I were a Bird I'd be...
I would be a Eagle because they are smart and they know how to do what they want to.
If I were an Insect I'd be....
I would be a Spider because they are my favorite insects.
If I were a Flower...
I would be a rose because they are girls favorite flowers. And boys always give girls roses.
If I were a Tree I'd be....
An apple tree because my mother always sing songs talking about an apple tree.
If I were an Instrument I'd be...
A drum because they are loud and are easy to be heard and they make nice beats,
If I were a Car I'd be...
I would be a Ferrari because everybody that's famous sings about 'Rari's.
If I were a Teacher I'd be...
A math teacher because my favorite and best subject is math.
My College Plans
I would go to
- Georgetown, because they have a basketball team and it is close to home

I would go to
-Ohio State because they have a good football team and they are a smart school.
I would go to
-Harvard because my mother say they are smart and one of her top 10 colleges.
I would go to
- Louisville because that is one of my favorite colleges.
Favorite Quotations
Solitary trees, if they grow at all, grow strong.
-Sir Winston Churchill
That's All About Marcel Matthews!
Computer Applications
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