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Hook, Information, Thesis!

Joshua Ostini

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of Introductions

Writing An Introduction Write a hook for your outline on requiring uniforms:

Example hook: Imagine walking into a high school and seeing teenagers dressed professionally in white polo shirts and khakis. Let’s try it… For an essay on whether or not schools should serve their students junk food:
“Why do so many students have trouble staying awake in their classes after lunch?”
“Teenagers make so many decisions everyday; some are small and some have serious consequences.”
“The current generation of children is the first one in history that is not expected to have a longer life expectancy than their parents..” Give us an example… Try to paraphrase our prompt:
Original: More and more schools are seeing a rise in gang violence, stealing, and discipline problems. To combat that problem, many schools and school districts are considering requiring students to wear uniforms.

Our version: Due to an increase in safety concerns at schools, many schools are considering requiring students to wear uniforms. Let’s paraphrase! If my writing situation said this:
Writing Situation: Due to potential problems, many school systems have adopted a policy that bans cell phones and electronic devices on school grounds. However, some parents have provided these items out of concern for safety. Now, PVHS is considering adopting this policy which would ban these devices all together.
I might paraphrase it as: Across the country, a debate is raging over whether or not schools should ban cell phones and electronic devices. Give us an example… This part: Writing Situation: In response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy, Mrs. Herrera has instituted random locker, car, and bag searches to check for guns, knives, and other weapons. Anyone caught with these weapons will be immediately suspended/ expelled. Administrators argue that the random searches will not only guard against illegal weapons at school but will also will help students feel safer.

Consider carefully the advantages and disadvantages of random searches at school. Do you agree or disagree with this policy?

Directions for Writing: Now, write an essay stating your position and supporting it with convincing reasons.
----------------------- Background information is anything your reader needs in order to understand what you are talking about in your thesis and essay.
Assume the reader of your essay is a smart person who doesn’t know much about your topic.
The easiest place to find this information is in the prompt where it says “writing situation.” DO NOT COPY IT EXACTLY! What is background information? The point you are trying to prove in your essay.

For our example, it’s:
Thesis: “Schools should require students to wear uniforms.”
Remember my young padawans,
a thesis is: An introduction (or intro.) is usually 2-3 sentences long.
The contents will vary according to what type of essay you’re writing.
In my class, your introduction should end with your thesis statement.
We’re going to approach this backwards, so that difficult-to-write first sentence gets written once we’ve warmed up our brains. Introduction Basics A hook is the attention-grabbing first sentence of your essay.
We call it a hook because you are trying to “hook” the reader in.
Hooks can include:
An anecdote (very short personal experience)
An interesting statement, fact, or quote
A thought-provoking idea
A vivid description
A question (a very LAST resort – some readers hate these and especially yours truly)
Whatever you choose, it should be on-topic and appropriate for your audience! What is a hook? Information Thesis Hook Today we’ll just "HIT" the intro… ;)

~Bad English Pun The information in your introduction goes from general (hook) to specific (thesis) Thesis Statement For my class, the thesis statement is always at the very end of the first (introduction) paragraph. But where does it go, Ostini? Conclusion Body Paragraph 3 Body Paragraph 2 Body Paragraph 1 Introduction Kind of like a hamburger….

mmm...hamburgers... Body paragraph 3 Body paragraph 2 Conclusion Body paragraph 1 Introduction How should my essay look? All Together Now! Imagine walking into a high school and seeing teenagers dressed professionally in white polo shirts and khakis. Due to an increase in safety concerns, many schools are considering requiring students to wear uniforms. Schools should require students to wear uniforms. CIAO H I T
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