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How Interactive Whiteboards Can Impact Your Teaching

No description

Allysen Lovstuen

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of How Interactive Whiteboards Can Impact Your Teaching

How Interactive Whiteboards Can
Impact Your Teaching All notes can be effortlessly saved These can then be make available on your webpage with minimal effort Or printed out for students that need them As A Problem Solving Tool Problems? What Understanding Improved Cleanliness No Markers Focus Less Odorous No Erasers No Chalkdust No Transperancies No Smudged Board No Rag and Bottle of Water Decreasingly Wasteful Eliminate those piles of transparancies
No more half dried out markers
Save electronic copies of everything instead of paper copies Longer Lasting Posted on your website
with minimal effort Or printed off for students
that need them Easily record what happened
on the board during class
and the accompanying audio This can also be made
available online Effortlessly save daily notes Time Increasingly Efficient Outside of class During class Filling in absent students Getting a copy of notes for students on IEP's Graphs can be precreated Student can be provided partially completed notes Can spend less time on review/going through each problem there are questions on Diagrams from book preloaded once, used whenever needed with minimal time to erase Better Prepared Something new to prepare Thought put into how to best
utilize the software Lessons can be put together
using just your computer Easy to adjust and update from
year to year So It Is Always Growing With You!! Greater Engagement Extra Visual Rotations Reflections Color Shading Emphasis Constructions Less Confusing Less need to transfer Can import exact diagram/picture Focus on a conceptual action Novelty Targeted Presentation Easy to refer to past ideas More Dynamic Expand Adjust Allysen Lovstuen
Decorah High School
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