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all about sparta

Juan Gil

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of sparta

Sparta in Ancient Greece
Sparta was founded by Lacedaemon, around the 1200's. He named it Sparta because of his name. Lacedaemon means Sparta in Greek. At first Sparta was a weak and small city state. Sparta was afraid of other city states. Soon Sparta grew, and overcame the sence of fear.
Sparta's Incredible Strength
Sparta, the most powerful city-state
in ancient Greece, had the strongest
army and the best war tactics.This was because war was the most important part of a spartan's life. It was enforced almost as law. Children were sent to the army at a very young age. They would spend almost the rest of their lives in the
Average Life
The average life for men could be either good or bad. If you served in the army, you would have a life of luxury. You could become part of the government.If you were a slave as a child, you could continue your life as a slave.
The average life for a woman was tough either way. If you were a slave as a kid, you would still be a slave. If you were married and was never a slave, you would continue to stay home and work all day.
Life for children was brutal. The boys were sent away to be in the army at age seven. They were trained very hard and punished with extreme pain. The girls were taught to be stay home mothers. They were taught how to cook, clean, and to take care of the children.
1: Who founded Sparta?
2: What was the name of the league that Sparta was not a part of but every other polis was?
3: Why didn't Sparta join the
League of Corinth?

The End of Sparta
4:At what age did boys go to the army?
5:What was Sparta like when it was first founded?
6: What were girls taught while they were young?
7:If a boy grew up in the army, what was his adult life like?
8: What was adult life like as a women slave? As a regular women at home?
9: What was adult life like as a male slave?
10: What did Sparta have the best of?
The League of Corinth
At seven years old
Weak and Small
How to take care of kids, cook and clean the house
A good life of luxury
Slave: continue to be a slave.
Women: work hard at home.
Continue to be a slave
Best army and war tactics
11: The league of Corinth had a king. (F)
12: Children were sent to the army at very young ages and spent almost the rest of their lifes there. (T)
13: No matter what, women had to work. (T)
14: At first Sparta was weak and small but wasn't afraid of the other city-states. (F)
15: Sparta was attacked by the League of Corinth and was taken over by the Roman Empire. (F)
16: Sparta attacked Macedonia in what year?
a: 351 B.C.
b: 341 B.C. C
c: 331 B.C.
17: Which persons life was brutal?
a: children
b: women a
c: men
18: What are two good aspects that could happen for a man that served in the army?
a: you would have a good house and/or many wifes.
b: you would be luxurious and/or have great wealth.
c: you would be very powerful and/or have slaves to work for you.
d: you would be luxurious and/be part of the government. d
19: Which person wouldn't be a slave?
a: Man
b: Children b
c: Women
20: What year was Sparta founded?
a: around 1250s
b: around 1300s c
c: around 1200s
d: around 1350s
One of the main causes of the end of Sparta was the League of Corinth. Everybody in Greece was part of it except for Spart.
The league of Corinth
The League of Corinth was a group of different civilisations or cities formed together by alliances. It had no king because everyone was part of the leadership. Sparta did not join this league because they thought that they did not need the extra support. They also thought that they could defeat them alone. During the year 331 B.C, Sparta attacked Macedonia, a member of the League of Corinth, and failed. This left Sparta weak and without any help. Sparta was not attcked by the League of Corinth but was taken over by the Roman Empire.
By: Juan Gil and Jonathan Tonks


http://woodlands- junior.kent.sch.uk/homework/greece/

short answer
true or false
multiple choice
Sparta didn't think they needed the extra support.
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