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Does It Matter? Cleansing the Palette — Summer 2011

Deborah B. Reeve, EdD, Cleansing the Palette, NAEA News, Summer 2011


on 27 June 2011

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Transcript of Does It Matter? Cleansing the Palette — Summer 2011

O As a gathering As something
bigger than
ourselves. I have talked long and often
about the power of community… as recently as my last “Cleansing the Palette.” Kevin Spacey gave the Nancy Hanks Lecture on Arts and Public Policy this year. He thinks the issue of public funding
of the arts can be reduced to a simple question: Well, does it? What do you think? The arts work on
a very personal level, whether you
practice them or merely, like Chauncey Gardener in
“Being There,” like to watch. The arts can change your life. Yes, you, sitting there
in front of your screen Make you discover
something about
yourself and see the world through
different eyes. The arts are a vehicle for a society to rediscover itself, to combat the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” the politics of despair, the prejudices of the unlearned…and the hateful…and the bullying. To leave behind, if only for a moment
,the toil and trouble of daily life,
and to be elevated to a higher,
more enriched, plane. He cited presidents and world leaders.
He showed the indelible connections
between political leaders and artistic icons… Political leaders who intuitively understood that
the arts contribute to the spiritual depth
and emotional growth of their people. Kennedy also said that “art is not a form
of propaganda; it’s a form of truth.” And to experience the arts–to let them inform the way you communicate…
open your eyes to the new and unexpected…
prompt a warming in the way you relate to others…
reframe the very way your brain works… this is something you can’t put a price tag on,
no matter what budget committee you may sit on,
from local school board to the US Congress. I know this is probably
old news to you,
just told through a
different medium. But we need to start
working a bigger room. So while I have prompted and promoted
reaching out to colleagues and building our community,
it is time to reach outside our box. So share this Prezi with your friends and family,
and ask them to share it with others. We aren’t asking for their financial support of the arts.
We’re asking them to believe in the power of art… Because you know what? P.S. Kevin Spacey began acting in high school
and graduated valedictorian. Arts education matters!
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