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Eli Jacoby

on 4 June 2013

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TOK Presentation Eli Jacoby
John Haadsma Knowledge Question To what extent does our perception of reality affect our interpretation of an illusion, and vice versa? Reality's effect on Illusion Memory Dreams Derived from recent experiences
Sensory perception coincides with memory Recognizes stimuli Brain Draws from declarative memory Identifying
Reality Implicit Memory Illusion or Reality? Inductive Reasoning Singles out anomalies Can recreate reality Sensory receptors recreate detail Subjective Reality Single point of view
No absolute truth creates uncertainty
Reality differs between others Objective Reality Actual effect on reality Self Awareness Lucid Dreams Conscious within Dream Correlates with interests Subjectively real Ways Of Knowing Memory/
Perception Familiar aspects of dream encountered in life causes remembrance Memories incorporated in present life Outcome of Dream -If Positive Actions mimicked -If Negative Actions avoided Influence on Life Emotion Dreams Significant to each individual Developed in subconscious Made up of all past encountered events and thoughts Can show one's feelings or opinions Not always reliable Top-Down
Processing Deductive Reasoning Breaking something down to gain knowledge Carrying out analysis of dream Apply what was learned to life Illusion's Affect on Reality Illusion Distortion of the way we perceive our senses Distortion of reality Dreams are illusions Not conscious while dreaming Story Reality triggered memory Dream had large impact on life Negative outcome Unrealistic dream would ruin illusion Dreams Can't Predict Future Made from multiple snippets of past experiences Seems like new experiences Only coincidental -Woman's Story False Awakenings Dreamer carries out morning routine as if they were awake Things are not completely the same May be noticeably different from real life Illusion within an illusion May cause dreamer to question if they are dreaming or not Causes dreamer to wake up in real life "Many years ago when my son was young, I had a dream early one morning. My children and I had gone camping with some friends. We were camped in such a pretty little glade on the shores of the sound between two hills. I thought I had some washing to do for the baby, so I went to the creek where it broadened out a little. There was a nice clean gravel spot, so I put the baby and the clothes down. I noticed I had forgotten the soap so I started back to the tent. The baby stood near the creek throwing handfuls of pebbles into the water. I got my soap and came back, and my baby was lying face down in the water. I pulled him out but he was dead.

I awakened then, sobbing and crying. What a wave of joy went over me when I realized that I was safe in bed and that he was alive. I thought about it and worried for a few days, but nothing happened and I forgot about it.

During that summer some friends asked the children and me to go camping with them. We cruised along the sound until we found a good place for a camp near fresh water. The lovely little glade between the hills had a small creek and big trees to pitch our tents under. While sitting on the beach with one of the other women, I happened to think I had some washing to do, so I took the baby and went to the tent for the clothes. When I got back to the creek I put down the baby and the clothes, and then I noticed that I had forgotten the soap. I started back for it, and as I did so, the baby picked up a handful of pebbles and threw them in the water. Instantly my dream flashed into my mind. It was like a moving picture. He stood just as he had in my dream--white shirt, yellow curls, shining sun. For a moment I almost collapsed. Then I caught him up and went back to the beach and my friends. When I composed myself, I told them about it. They just laughed and I said I imagined it. That is such a simple answer when one cannot give a good explanation." Woman's Story Recognizes new information Discredit validity of dreams False Awakenings Perception misled No recollection Conclusion Impact of reality does alter how illusions of dreams are perceived -How we perceive dreams is altered by: Inductive/Deductive Reasoning
Recollections of memory Decisions made based on outcomes of false reality Through memory of senses and emotion Reality impacts perception of illusion/illusion impacts perception of reality "One night I awoke in an out-of-body state floating just above my physical body which lay below me on the bed. A candle had been left burning on the other end of the room during the evening. I dove for the candle head first from a sitting position and gently floated down toward it with the intention of blowing out the flame to conserve wax. I put my "face" up close to the candle and had some difficulty in putting out the flame. I had to blow on it several times before it finally seemed to extinguish. I turned around, saw my body lying on the bed and gently floated back and back into it. Once in the physical (body) I immediately turned over and went back to sleep. The next morning I awoke and found that the candle had completely burned down. It seemed as if my out-of-the-body efforts had affected only a non-physical candle." Man's Story
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