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Treasure Map

No description

Fredrika Auvinen

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Treasure Map

What will you achieve?
Increase awareness of own strengths
New skills
Global awareness
Ethical awareness
Enjoyment, happiness
Visualising your plan
"When you want to achieve something really badly, have you ever tried closing your eyes and imagining yourself "there"? You touch it, feel it and see it clearly. You scan every detail in your mind's eye."
How does it affect?
Treasure Mapping involves creating a physical representation or collage of what you want to achieve. It acts as a constant reminder and representation of your goals. And so it intensifies the effects of visualization, which acts on your subconscious mind to motivate and encourage you towards achieving those goals.
What to include?
Let’s say you have the ambition to get fitter and run a marathon: Your “treasure map” could include pictures of runners, people crossing the marathon finishing line, and athletes training hard; perhaps it could also include pictures of the foods that you need to eat (and those you need to avoid).
Most important / less important?
What will you do at each stage?
What will you learn about yourself, others?
Will you learn new skills?
Who could help you?
How will this benefit others?
Treasure Map
Set a goal
This is a powerful and important technique for motivating yourself and building the self-confidence needed to achieve your goals.
Use photos, colours, paper etc to make the picture vivid. Be:
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