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McCafe Smoothie Consumer Segmentation

No description

Daniella De Gouveia

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of McCafe Smoothie Consumer Segmentation

McDonalds McCafe Real Fruit Smoothies
Target Market
Target Market Continued
...also target children of the health conscious consumers.
Defining the Target Market
Target Market
Target for the new Fruit Smoothie is a young adult ages 18-34.

This person again is a "Health Conscious" consumer.
The real fruit smoothie is great for all ages, on a more defined stance, the age category ranges from 18-34.
Targeted to both male and female
Customer Location

McCafe Real Fruit Smoothie are marketed and available in Areas such as US, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Other Countries & Corporate(OCC) including Canada, Latin America
Real Fruit Smoothie UK Commercial
Life Styles
Consumers start to value a healthier lifestyle and fast foods are becoming less attractive.
Building Blocks of Lifestyles
- Nutrition
- Health Conscience
- Active Living
- Keeping it Moving
McDonalds strategies using product complements with all brands associated with McCafe.
Product complements: meanings of different products relate to one another
Marketing Strategy
McDonalds must position there advertising in areas such as, public transportation to reach the working class.
Social media outlets such as You Tube and Facebook
It must be in a WiFi cafe type of environment to accommodate all target customer needs.
They also use the power of social media to boost the campaign’s effectiveness by creating partnership with Fruit Ninja game on Facebook and entertaining consumers while introducing their products at the same time
Another approach is by Smartphone apps where consumers could download and play interactive games from McDonalds’ website then reward by redeemable code for a free smoothie
McDonalds also create their own social media outlet by creating Q&A website where health-conscious can get their consumption information
McDonalds current marketing strategy for the juice has worked out well and shouldn't change much, however recommendations are always beneficial.
McDonald's may want to consider introducing new "booster juice" style drinks for the "Gym Going" clientele with protein drinks and healthy natural pre workout drinks. This type of product is in line with there target audience.
Positioning Statement

McDonalds Real Fruit Smoothie is a product intended for young adults of the working class that are health conscious individuals, as well as the children of health consious adults who want to ensure there children have a full days dose of essential vitamins and fruits.

Expand and attract potential consumers in the "Grey Power" market, as healthy living and family time with the grandchildren are very important for seniors.
Consider intergrating the UK commerical concepts into the Canadian market, utilizing the frozen and freezing concept of the McDonalds restaurant with Canadian weather and culture.
Product Recommendation
Customer Recommendation
Advertising Recommendation
Celebrity athletic endorsements to help promote the health benefit of the products image.
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