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Dragon Run

No description

Bryson Clarson

on 28 April 2017

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Transcript of Dragon Run

The author of Dragon run is Patrick Matthews. Patrick Matthews is a numerous award-winning game developer, a novelist, a newspaper columnist, and a web developer. His first novel, Dragon Run, is a fantasy adventure.

Author's Purpose
In this book I feel that the purpose was to entertain. I feel this way towards that reason because, he makes the story entertaining and Adventurous.
Main Characters
-Al is a 12 year old boy who was shunned from his town after he scored a low score on testing day. Throughout his journey has showed many traits of Adventurism,heroism,an Cleverness.

-Bird, became Al's Friend at First sight because they were both lonely and ran away so why not. Bird is very Sly and always has a way of convincing Al to do things even if he isn't sure.

Magister Lundi
- Magister Lundi is a sorcerer who has a very solid personality, and takes things very seriously. He captured Al but then felt sympathetic and let him go..
During this book I realized that I had many things in common with the characters in this book, including

One connection I had with Al was like him I'm curious, Al always wanted to know what was happening in his surrounding.

Another connection made with Al in the book was when he got blamed for doing nothing. sometimes at my house I also get blamed for doing something I didn't do.
Thank you!
Thousands of years ago the world was ruled by dragons, and humans served them. Back then humans were classified by their rank. Rank seven was the highest rank you could get, if you scored a seven the you would start training to be the most powerful person in the country. Score a zero and your value isn't any higher than a cow. My name is Al and on testing day I scored a zero, when I scored a zero I learned of assassins called Cullers who now want to kill me and my family because of who I am. On the third day after finding out that I was a zero, I started my journey off and away from the Cullers.

Tower of Peace
Dragon Run
by Bryson Clarson
Even a nobody can make a difference.
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