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NPD Ireland

What I took from the NPD event

Sarah Kennedy

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of NPD Ireland

Networking for New Professionals NPD Ireland Event Networking!! Tweet your heart out Getting ahead in the cloud! I am an Info Pro and you can too How do you do? There are opportunities if you choose to see and seize them The Library World is lovely Networking is difficult. It's nerve-wracking, it's awkward and it's frankly a little bit terrifying as far as I'm concerned!
It's also beneficial; it helps you learn and grow and you do get to meet some lovely people.
Networking with people in the same boat as you makes venturing into the world of networking that little bit easier.
NPD is about help and support
for new professionals! Michelle Dalton @mishdalton David Hughes @usernameerror Daniel Duffy @dangleroughly Jane Burns @JMBurns99 Put yourself out there, you never know what will happen.
Be yourself and be aware of your goals and what it is you want to say and that will make things easier because you won't have to remember a persona! Being a librarian is about sharing information and it seems to me that for the most part librarians are always ready to share information with each other.
Networking in the library world is made easy by people like those in NPD who understand the process for new professionals and who have gone out of their way to help and support us.
Thanks to NPD and to all the speakers for what was a stress-free, informative and enjoyable day Twitter is dynamic not static
It's more effective as a conversation
Be selective to avoid information overload
Learning is creation
THE tool for CPD and current awareness
Loads of information shared
Networks of people willing to share knowledge and support. Technology is here to stay
Research your library systems and software
Investigate Open Source
Be able to problem-solve and trouble-shoot
Know who to ask!
Don't neglect the soft skills
Embrace change
Keep as up to date as you can
Understand your transferable skills - e.g.Project Management
(Capstone Projects) Network with other new professionals
Have an opening line prepared, even if its just about the weather. :)
Bring a friend but don't make that an excuse not to chat to others - help each other
Understand everyone else is probably just as nervous
Find some common ground - if you're in the same place it's very likely
you have some. We are in the Worst Recession ever but there's always a reason to be positive
We can let change happen or we can direct it
Take CPD very seriously
Adjust to situations
You can learn and grow from doing things that might not seem relevant to what you want to be doing - seize opportunities!
Volunteer and get involved
Recognize and support talent!
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