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The Australia Gold Rush

For The School Living Museum

Janaya Nheu

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of The Australia Gold Rush

Many large gold nuggets were found in Australia during the gold rush in Australia. The Holtermann's nugget was named after the founder; Bernard Otto Holtermann. The nugget was found in Australia, New south Wales on the 19th of October 1872. It weighs 286kg and is measured 150cm by 66 cm. Some other famous nuggets are, The hand of faith which weighs 27.2kg, The welcome stranger which weighs 73.4kg and The welcome nugget, which weighs 69.9kg.
When people came to Australia some became farmers, some became gold diggers and some were very successful. Some diggers came from a farm to become a lot wealthier. The chinese were successful finding gold. During the hold rush the population of Victoria went over 1 million.
The Gold Diggers
The gold diggers came from all over the world to Australia. Many gold diggers were immigrants that came from England, Britain. The chinese were the first migrants that came to Australia and made up the most non-Britain Group. Many people also came from Europe, Spain and Portugal.

The Australian Gold Rush
By: Janaya.N
The Gold Nuggets
The benefit and the Stockade
The Australian Gold Rush started in April 1851. A man named Bernard Otto Holtermann found the largest gold nugget in the world in Australia, New South Wales on the 19th of October 1872. Most of the gold diggers came from England Britain.
The Holtermann nugget
The Hand of Faith
The Welcome Stranger
The Welcome Nugget
Between 1851 and 1854 tension was building on the gold fields. Clashes between the miners and the authorities became frequent. In December 1854, 1,000 men gathered at Eureka, on the outskirts of Ballarat and opened their flag. On their flag it had a white cross to and stars on a blue field, they said," We swear by the southern cross to stand truly by each other, to fight to defend our rights and liberties''. The miners were upset because they had to pay more to the government. This made the government very wealthy.
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