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mishel etingen

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of Methamphetamine

Do NOT take methamphetamine or any derivative of it without a prescription from your doctor.
Street Names Yo.
Biker's Coffee
Black Beauties
Chicken Feed
Crystal Glass
Yellow Bam
LA Glass
LA Ice
Poor Man's Cocaine
Crystal Meth
Methlies Quick
Stove Top
Super Ice
How Methamphetamine is Used
Meth can be......
Inserted into the anus or urethra
The Devil's Drug
Long term Effects of Methamphetamine
What Does Methamphetamine Look Like?
Methamphetamine is a...
What Will Meth Do To Me If I Try It?
Dopamine; Why Meth is so Addictive.
When dopamine leaves the body the person experiences a crash and is left with a sense of depression and which can only be fixed with an increased amount of dopamine.
Methamphetamine releases dopamine upon entrance into the body. Dopamine is the chemical in your brain that causes intense pleasure and a sense of euphoria when released; this is the reason methamphetamine causes a "high" in the user.
methamphetamine use
Get meth!
meth in
yay meth
meth leaves body
meth out
The Addiction Cycle of
Use more meth! I want dopamine!
Because it is a stimulant it causes an increase in...
Physical activity
Heart rate
Nervous system stimulation
People may wonder, "What is methamphetamine used for?" Although many people think of methamphetamine as an illegal street drug, it is also a prescription medication (available under the brand name Desoxyn) used to treat legitimate health problems. Methamphetamine is used for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and obesity.

Meth can come in a powder (the most common form).
It can also come in a crystal rock-like form which is usually then crushed up into powder.
There is also a pill form of methamphetamine, desoxyn, which is usually given as a prescription.
Your brain quickly begins to adapt and seek methamphetamine instead of producing it's own dopamine. If a person decides to stop using methamphetamine they will be in constant depression. Meth is highly addictive and many people are not able to quit.
Pseudoephedrine, which is one of the key ingredients in cold medicine, is also one of the key ingredients in methamphetamine.
Methamphetamine has very few medical purposes.
Meth is a street name, the full name is methamphetamine.
Amphetamine, which is similar to methamphetamine, was first created in 1887 Germany. However, methamphetamine was not seen until 1919 in Japan.
Methamphetamine and amphetamines were first used during World War II to keep soldiers alert and awake.
During the 1950's in the United Stated, the drugs became available. They were used to used unsparingly; they were given to cure mild depression and used as a weight-control. They were given to college students, truck drivers, and athletes for non-medical uses.
Meth causes your body to speed up since it is a stimulant.
Other short term effects of methamphetamine include...
Loss of appetite
Dilation of pupils
Disturbed sleep patterns
Strange behavior (bizarre, erratic, or possibly violent)
Which means it causes increased heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature.
Over excitability
Panic and psychotic behavior
Death (from high doses).
Mental effects...
Physical effects...
Strong psychological dependance
Confused exhaustion
Memory loss
Increased distractibility
Permanent damage to blood vessels of heart and brain
High blood pressure which can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and death
Liver, kidney, and lung damage
Respiratory problems (if smoked)
Possible infectious diseases (if injected)
Malnutrition; weight loss
Severe tooth decay
The Life of Meth
Non-medical use of methamphetamine is now illegal. The majority of illegal meth comes from super labs, although meth can be made in a persons own household.
Here are some of the other possible ingredients in meth.
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ADHD is a condition involving difficulty paying attention, sitting still, and controlling behavior. In children with ADHD, these problems are worse than expected for a typical child of the same age. Usually, the ADHD symptoms must be present before the age of seven to qualify as ADHD.
Who is mostly likely to use this drug, why?
Age: The study, published in the July issue of the journal Addiction, found 2.8 percent of young adults (ages 18-26) reported use of crystal methamphetamine in the past year during 2001-2002.
Gender: Studies found that young adult users are disproportionately white and male and live in the West, and that Native Americans were 4.2 times as likely as whites to use crystal methamphetamine.
Why: Methamphetamine releases dopamine upon entrance into the body, meth can also cause weight loss which some people might prefer. People would also prefer it because it lasts for 12 hours. Some might also take it because of depression.
websites: www.drugaddictiontreatment.ca
or call 1.866.963.7598

If you're addicted to meth where can you go for help for for more information?
Some clinics in Toronto are:
1)Toronto Rehab
2)Rehab First Inc
3)Accredited Drug Rehabs
4)Toronto Rehab's-Neuro Rehab
5)Kensington Drug Rehab Centers (Alcohol Rehab Toronto)
Ethnicity and Geographic location:
Hawaii has been the capital of methamphetamine use in the United States since the 1980s. Methamphetamine first appeared in Hawaii when Chinese drug trafficking organizations began test-marketing ice, a crystallized form of methamphetamine, in the Philippines, Korea, and other parts of South East Asia. From there, it came to Hawaii with the large Asian diaspora communities.
FACT: estimates for the number of meth addicts in the state reach as high as 120,000 (total pop: 1.2 million)!!!
How many people suffer from meth addiction?!
A recent Statistics Canada survey of teenagers showed that among those who answered questions about drug use:

According to mental health workers, police and research scientists, the people who use crystal meth include: Large numbers of rural and small town poor across North America.

■Some young people in the rave and dance scene.
■Some young people who want to lose weight.
■Gay males involved in the dance scene or who frequent bathhouses.

■34 per cent had tried marijuana
■4 per cent had used ecstasy
■3 per cent had used crack cocaine

2 per cent had used crystal meth
■1 per cent had used heroin

FACT: 3.3% of people in Ontario and 2.7% in Manitoba are addicted to crystal meth
FACT: 13 million people (in a year) use meth in The United States of America.

According to the 2001 national household survey, almost 1% of the population had used methamphetamine at least monthly during the past year, and 0.4% of Australian adults took methamphetamine on a daily or weekly basis. This estimates 63,000 heavy methamphetamine users in Australia.
How can you reach teens to ensure that they don't get involved in this drug?
1) schools can always inform kids and parents about crystal meth and how it affects people.
2) posters! they can be spread everywhere to prevent the usage of this drug.
3) kids/students can join support groups to learn more information about the drug and the side affects.
4)ONLINE! find out about the drug online, there's a lot of information and facts to be shared!
5) hang out with the right group of friends that don't get involved with drugs!
What are the social impacts of using this drug? Non-physical impacts?
Your family might be very disappointed in your decision and might want you to stop being addicted. They'll be upset and mad because of your behavior.
Your friends might be embarrassed to be seen around you because of your looks, appearance, behavior, and your attitude.
You might lose your job and might become broke with no money because you're spending it on your drug. You might also become homeless due to you not being able to pay bills.
get the help
you need!!!
By: Mishel Etingen
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