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Rwanda Genocide TImeline

No description

Sheamus Croke

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Rwanda Genocide TImeline

Germany set up its first administrative offices in Rwanda, and raised the flag of Kaiser Wilhelm's Reich, beginning the indirect rule of Rwanda (54) 1894 1992 1885 1931 1946 1950's 1997 1897 1860 1994 The Berlin conference met and divided Africa into various sections all to be ruled by foreign European Powers. (53) Mwami Kigeri Rwabugiri (Tutsi) acended to Rwandan throne and began a series of political and military campaigns. (48) John Hanning Speke propounded the Hamatic Hypothesis, presenting the theory that the Tutsis were a genetically superior race than the Hutus. (50) 1863 Hutu, Leon Mugesera, gave famous speech calling on Hutus to send the Tutsis back to Ethiopia via the Nyabarongo River (53) A German Count named Von Gotzen became the first white man to visit the Rwandan royal court. (54) Missionary Louis de Lacger remarked that the contrast between the plurality of the races of Rwanda is possibly the most fascinating part of the country. (54) Monsignor Leon Classe warned that any effort to replace Tutsi Chiefs would cause the Hutus to be sent into anti-European Communism. (56) 1990 June:
President Habyarimana announces establishment of a multiparty political system. He was actually pressured into doing this by Hutu radicals, and it will give substantial power to the Hutu's over the Tutsi's politically. (82) October:
RPF invaded North-eastern Rwanda from Uganda and declared war on Habyarimana regime with the perspective that it is corrupt and generating refugees (82) September:
General Dallaire went on national television and took responsibility for the deaths of the ten Belgian U.N. soldiers and heavily criticized the U.N's Security Council and General Assembly for its lack of effective engagement in Rwanda. (168) The Genocide Occurs: December 11, 1946: The General Assembly of the UN declared genocide a crime under international law. (149) 1947 December 9: UN adopts Resolution 260A(III) creating punishment for genocide perpetrators. (149) Late May: French launch unsuccessful Operation Turquoise from the North (155) 1993 August:
President Habyarimana signed peace treaty that ended war with RPF (99) April 6th: President Habyarimana's plane shot down,in which Tutsis were accused. Instantly caused extreme Hutu revolts and mass killings. (110-113) April 29th: RPF announced to be moving into Rwanda from the south rapidly. (132) July 1st: Rwandan Independence day; Hutus begin to flee Rwanda. (161) July 12th: Red Cross estimates that at least 1,000,000 people have been killed. (162) July 15th: U.S.A withdrew diplomatic recognition of Rwanda (162) July: RPF drives many Hutus out of Rwanda and begins the mass migration including interhamwe aid raids in zaire and involvement of NGO's helping Hutu refugees. (163 on)
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