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Prezi Preparation - Extended Edition

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Transcript of Prezi Preparation - Extended Edition

This machine has no brain. Use your own. Think & decide Free Yourself Prepare Content Design Prezi Preparation - Let's think it through Goal Topic Message Set yourself Take a break structured visual Sort Audience Important Dead weight Nice to have Structure Find your pictures! Choose your Place your content Understand the basic rules KNOW HOW Know Workflow Material Time Software Safety tool your Fine-tuning pictures style
file size design. Medium Budget free Use pen and paper! Note down all ideas! or draw Allow yourself
to be creative. pictures structures stories metaphors Pretend to be creative Core message Main
aspect Main
aspect Main
aspect Further
details Further
details Further
details Connection Further
details Tell your story All is done Less is more. by design! AMAZE & ENJOY This prezi was made by: Melanie Schwarzer
Hamburg, Germany
prezi design & training Kill darlings your http://www.zoom-atelier.de
https://www.facebook.com/kommunikationspraktikerin Website
Facebook Pictures I used:

Blank pictures in a dark room © Reshavskyi - Fotolia.com
Choice © olly - Fotolia.com
Direction© olly - Fotolia.com
Small screw nut in wrench jaws © abet - Fotolia.com
Trapped by work © olly - Fotolia.com
Creative © olly - Fotolia.com
Butterfly fairy - © olly - Fotolia.com
Zuckerperlenherz auf Holz © leroy131 - Fotolia.com
First steps in life © horvathta - Fotolia.com
Balloons © olly - Fotolia.com
Businessman on Sofa © olly - Fotolia.com
Curiosity © olly - Fotolia.com
Axe in the stump - licensed by www.depositphotos.com/Maksym Bondarchuk Lizenziert durch www.depositphotos.com/Maksym Bondarchuk good What is a good presentation? A good prezi, like every good presentation causes a change in the audience. They think, feel or act different than before the presentation.

Good prezis come with a clear structure and design, using the possibilities the large canvas offers intentionally. Decide Decide where your presentation is headed Before you start creating anything take your time to answer three questions:
What is the goal of the presentation? What shall the audience think, feel or do after your presentation?
What exactly is your topic?
What is your core message your audience need to remember and why should the audience care about it? Prezi, PowerPoint, Keynote, a flipchart or a whiteboard - these are just tools and you have to decide carefully, which of them suits you, your core message and your audience best.

Especially if you want to show structures or tell a (non)linear story, Prezi is a very good choice. tool Prezi is just a tool On which device are you planning to show your prezi? Which resolution has the monitor/beamer the prezi is shown on? iPad? Check this: https://prezi.zendesk.com/entries/22440827-What-can-and-can-t-be-done-with-Prezi-for-iPad To show a picture fullscreen in good quality use at least this resolution. If you want to zoom in, you need a higher resolution.

If you know the resolution, you know the screen ratio (16:9 or 4:3) - set it in your prezi right at the beginning. How long shall your prezi take? How long do you have to prepare? How important is your presentation? ? Which level of design and structure are you planning to achieve? Preparing a good prezi takes time - like preparing any good presentation. The more important the presentation is, the more time you should take to prepare.

If you don't have much time, try one of the prezi templates or check the reusable prezis. What material will you need?
sound? Do you already have the material?
Where will you get it from? Will you need additional software to customize your material? For free (Open Source) To buy Adobe Photoshop (Pictures)
Corel Draw (Drawing, Vector Graphics)
Adobe Illustrator (Vector Graphics)
Adobe After Effects (Video)
Adobe Flash Professional (Animation)
Adobe Audition (Sound) Paint.net (Pictures)
Gimp (Pictures, Vector Graphis)
Inkscape (Vector Graphics)
Windows Movie Maker (Video, simple)
Audiorecorder (Windows, simple, can be used for sound recording) Use Prezi Meeting to create a prezi with up to 10 people online. Are you working alone?

Are you working in a team?

Organize your work - especially in a team! Do you have the necessary know how? Do you need help? Make a schedule. Decide who saves which version when, why and how! Do you have or need a budget for material?
external support? ... forget to save when using Prezi Desktop and think about a version control system like: Are you allowed to create and store your prezi online?
What about confidentiality? Use Prezi Desktop if you want to create, store and show your prezi only on your computer. NEVER - NEVER - NEVER ALWAYS make a copy first and then work on the copy! Your Prezi is nearly ready, it works and you like it? Great! You now want to do some minor changes? Better save than sorry "Mercurial" (technical understanding required, read this tutorial: http://hginit.com/) Don't turn on your computer right now!
First use the two most important tools for presentations: pen & paper.

Brainstorm. Collect ideas without judging.

You think of yourself as a non-creative person?
Don't do it, because it's not true.

You can't believe me? Okay, then pretend to be creative! Ask yourself: What would a creative version of me do now?

Give it a try ;-) Switch it off! No computer! What first? Make a decision You should now decide, if you want to structure your content first, or if you like to start with some design work.

If you have a clear picture or design in mind, start with the design. If your presentation is all about structure, start working on your content.

You always have to do both steps and I myself switch a lot between both methods. If you want to connect with your audience you need to address their emotions - with strong pictures and/or a good story. Tell me:
Who's your hero?
What's his mission?
Why should I care? pictures Use your own pictures.

Check if your company has a database with good pictures.

Get your pictures from a photographer, a designer or from the internet.

I myself use Fotolia.com and iStockphoto.com a lot. In addition there is Presentermedia.com (for a specific kind of animations).

You might also take a look at communities like Flickr.com or piqs.de Remember: if you know the resolution of the device on which you are planning to show your prezi, you know the minimum picture size if you want to show a picture in full screen.

If you want to zoom in, your picture needs to be bigger.

Too many big pictures can cause a crash so avoid pictures sizes over
2880x2880 px. I normally allow myself to one or two bigger pictures, but that's it.

.jpg and .png (the latter for pictures with transparency) work fine with pictures. If I have some vector based graphics I export them (with my graphic program) as an .swf file because .swf works fine in a prezi and not matter how deep you zoom in, the graphic will stay sharp.

When using Prezi Desktop name your files carefully! No "umlaut", no blanks, so special characters! and then plan your path give your using of space a meaning. by design When it comes to the question where and how to place your content please With Prezi, in the big picture size does matter Make important things bigger, avoid a chaotic back an forth on your path and show connections between different aspects of your prezi. And although zooming and rotating is fun, use it meaningful.
Rotate for example if you are talking about a change in perspective.

You surely don't want to cause a new phenomenon in presentations: "Seasickness by prezi"
After finishing your first version of the prezi, take a break (best: sleep on it).

Then watch it again - in most cases you then will recognize if something is not quite clear, if there is too much zooming or if something is missing.

Change it. I know, creating a prezi can be a lot of work and it makes you really proud once you finished it. And if then someone tells you what he or she don't like about it and you think of the upcoming additional work, that's not such a nice feeling.

Please think of this: the other person only sees the result, not the struggles you had to fight to create it. And so does your audience. So when it comes to presentations, just the result matters.

And the other aspect: your work not you as a person is criticized and you decide, whether a critique is legitimate. I always like this critique before I stand before my real audience so I can improve the presentation before. Take a break Get feedback Find then someone who is willing to watch your prezi and

to his or her feedback carefully.

You don't need to defend yourself, just listen, make notes and take a close look for signs of seasickness, irritation, questions. Ask about it.

After that, watch your prezi once again and think about the feedback. Now you decide which additional changes you will make. LISTEN Don't be hurt In my experience you will have some special darlings in your prezi. A special picture you took yourself, a lovely animation or a great play on words. Mostly this special picture has either a poor resolution or does not fit to the overall picture style. The animation might be just distracting and as it happens no one but you gets the wordplay. You found out about this when you got feedback.

To improve your prezi (remember: in the end only the result counts) you have to be strong: Delete your picture, animation, wordplay! Be brave! Kill your darlings live & online Always make sure you are allowed to use the pictures in the way you intended to use them first! Technical stuff Technical stuff style Picture style sets the mood Decide for one style, unless you intent to create a kind of chaotic prezi.

Use color filters (e.g. greyscale) or frames on your pictures so they look more alike.

Let the style of your main picture guide you.

Remember: less is more! Do it intentionally
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