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Confronting Fear of Technology

Confronting fear and dispelling the myths that keep students stuck in the past.

Lisa Nielsen

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Confronting Fear of Technology

dispelling myths. FERPA and CIPA and COPPA...
OH MY!!! Exposing the
Man behind the curtain. WORLD'S SIMPLIST

Students can access websites that do not contain or that filter mature content. They can use their real names, pictures, and work (as long it doesn’t have a grade/score from a school) with the notification and/or permission of the student and their parent or guardian. Accessing sites like YouTube or Facebook violates CIPA rules (or FERPA or COPPA).
We need to purchase software to filter student computers.
Teacher's computers need to have some filtering.
Schools will lose E-rate funding by unblocking sites filtered by the school or district.
Blocking and banning keeps kids safe and prepared.
We must limit teacher access and interactions with students online because they can not be trusted.

Source: Department of Education’s Director of Education Technology, Karen Cator
http://mindshift.kqed.org/2011/04/straight-from-the-doe-facts-about-blocking-sites-in-schools True or False False If we let students use cell phones in class, it would be chaos. You have no idea! Dispelling Myths
Mobile tech in schools. Dispelling Myths
Bring your own tech to school Students can't use their own tech because of...
Discipline issues https://fcschoolsga.eduvision.tv/default.aspx?q=3SfVi13wT7SmZEIpTemLWg%253d%253d Tell us they hate the curriculum software we purchased? Organize a protest against injustice? Petition for the right to be heard... Use 21st Century Tools to Start a revolution... Are we afraid they can do this… Why are we afraid to give students a voice? Thinking outside the
ban Dispelling Myths
Social Media in school The Innovative Educator's Guide
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