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Rachels Tears Book Project

Book Project for English 12

Laura Nelson

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Rachels Tears Book Project

Rachel's Tears
Book Project
English 12, 2012 Characters: Rachel: Main character and a victim the Columbine High school tragedy. Rachel's Dad Darrel Scott: Rachel's father narrator of the book. Rachel's Mom Beth Nimmo: Rachel's mom and another narrator of the book. Rachel's Brother Craig Scott: Mentioned in the book but not enough to know anything about. Besides he acted dead to avoid getting shot himself. Rachel's sister Bethanee: Rachel's sister who helps narrarte the book they had a very close relationship. Theme One of the biggest themes were people being truly accepted for who they are. Rachel wasn't really accepted because of her Christianity. She also had a problem with self image. The two killers who killed her didn't feel accepted either. And a girl name Cassie Bernall was not accepted once she became different and she decided to quit doing drugs and stuff. Another way this book shows people wanting to be accepted is for the color of there skin. One of the other people that got killed in this book was a boy who was black and he was hiding under the table Rachel's brother and him were friends. And he got shot for being black and confessing that he believed in God.This book does offer good insight to human nature because it still goes on today. The shootings cause people want a attention. And people strugling and just wanting to be accepted for who they are. And not be discriminated. Some of the main conflicts in this book is the Columbine high School shooting. Two boys who were filled with anger went on a rampage and killed 13 people after they did that they both killed there selves The time was lunch time on April 20th 1999 at columbine high school. The boys were filled with anger and rage and hated christians, black and there first victim was Rachel Scott she was a christian one of the shooter did have some feelings for Rachel. funny thing about this it talks about how he liked more than a friend why would he kill her? The answer remains unlcear. Besides in a video that was later found where he was expressing deep feelings for rachel. Plot, Conflicts, time, Place and Setting 1) "In the weeks and months after the Columbine killings, Cassie Bernall, Rachel Scott were hailed as modern-day Martyr or national heroes because of their combination of fortitude and faith under fire."(Page 39 Darrell Scott) 2) "Parents need to realize that a kid is not overreacting at all the time when they say no one accepts them."(page 53 Darrell Scott) Quotes that exemplify the theme 3) "Rachel struggled with her imperfections she had a Conviction that she needed a nose job." (her family teased her about it quite often.) (Page 41 Beth Nimmo) 4) Miscellaneous "Dylan Klebold was powerfully affected by peer preassure.People that knew him said he was a follower. Peer pressure has been around as long as there have been teenagers, but somehow kids didn't kill each other back in the fifties and sixties.( Page 151 Darrell Scott) Other important information book is its a biography mixed with a documentary. The parents and sibling of Rachel all contributed a piece in this book. The novel was written and published in 2000 which was a year after the columbine shooting. I found it surprising that the parents wanted to do something very soon after losing one of there children. I didn't have nothing against the literary style I thought is was very good and the narrators got there point out across well. And even in the bits and pieces they shared of Rachel's she also had a good voice in her writing. Sometimes I would get bored reading because some sections where really long and drug on but, other parts made me want to keep reading.
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