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Jesus is the Answer

No description

Byron Dial

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Jesus is the Answer

the Answer
For the World Today
What Does Jesus Do?
Jesus is
Jesus' Example
He meets the people where they are
He loves them before he "saves" them
He doesn't let what others think, stop him from his purpose.
Before he began, he was tested.
He had to be plugged in to the source.
Through the test
God supplies all I need
Don't test God
Worship only God
How is Jesus the Answer?
He has the answer
His death gives life
His word shows us what to do
To Be Like Jesus
We long and want to be
We prepare ourselves like he did
We go "Plugged in" like he did
Meeting Needs
Healing the sick (mentally, spiritually, emotionally
Feeding the Hungry

Changing Lives
When people have their primary needs met, they change.
They see things differently
They are ready to transition into paying it forward
They are ready to listen to the words that your actions have been saying already. Jesus makes a difference
Now they want to be like Jesus
How does He do it? (the source)
Jesus is
the Answer

Needs of the People
a wanting to belong
a life that's not a mess
a fresh start
a need for love
freedom from hurts, habits, and hangups
He has the answer
His death gives life
His word shows us what to do
James 2:15-17
Go in peace; keep warm and well fed

Faith must have an action
Luke 4: 18-19, 31-44
Luke 4: 1-13
Hope to the Hopeless
If we are the body, he does this through our contact with people
Meeting needs by giving everyone a sense of belonging, community, love, support, and doing this all unconditionally.
Supportive Community
We take them in and love them like our family
We help them get on their feet again
We show them how to do the same for others.
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