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Finding Our Way To 5th Grade

No description

Talise Brown

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Finding Our Way To 5th Grade

Finding Our Way To 6th Grade
The Royal Storytelling Event
Band and Orchestra
I personally like band cuz I play the baritone. The other people I know who play a band instrument are, Torrey, Clara, Dallas, Matteo, Evan, Emily, Allison, C.J., Cory, and Emma.

DO BAND IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!!! jk, still.... do band!!!
Grads Of 2014
The WHOLE 5th Grade Celebration Pics!
On to Middle School
Many of us are going to stay together in middle school at Mary Lou Mahone Middle School. But lots of us are moving on to different schools. Going to Middle School is a big step, that might seem scary,but it can be a very good experience. You can learn new things and make new friends. Everything will be fine if you just keep yourself organized and try your best, You'll do great!
B.O.B 2013 and 2014
And other people not
We did a super fun storytelling event in the library. The whole school participated. Here's a video!
My good friend Lilly does band so I will put it in this box very briefly. Lilly,Andrew,and Nathan did orchestra.......I don't know what to say past that.
Sign in your best computer cursive with the highlighter!
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