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Enterprise Challenge Day - Year 5 - EWS School

No description

Jonathan Kane

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Enterprise Challenge Day - Year 5 - EWS School

Welcome to the Year 5 Enterprise Challenge day! The Rules...

My name is MR KANE...If I ask you to stop and listen you have to the count of three to do so.

Be Respectful

Be Polite

Be Fair

Have lots of fun! So...What is Enterprise? It is a set of skills to help
in life Financial Understanding Business Understanding Which Famous Entrepreneurs
can you name? Decision making Problem solving Communication Independence Evaluation Innovation Team Work £2.67bn £234m £8.9bn £40m £770m £350m So...Why are you
here? To take part in a
simulated business
challenge designed
to give you
a taste of
being an entrepreneur At EWS we specialise
in enterprise, you will
learn it as a subject
here Working on your
enterprise skills
will help you in
life We want to find
the entrepreneurs
of tomorrow who will be the Richard Branson's of tomorrow. Reebok Crunchie Quicksilver Red Bull Nike Mars Vodaphone Facebook Pringles Nestle Adobe Pizza Hut Maynards Wine Gums T Mobile 7 Up Firefox Dr. Pepper Google ITV Galaxy Walkers Cadbury Fanta Sprite You Tube MSN Messenger KFC Milka Subway Coca Cola Sky Sports K Swiss Apple 3 Mobile Answers Logo Quiz 1 Skittles Twitter Twix Nokia ESPN BBC My Space Virgin Pepsi Yahoo Microsoft McDonalds Oasis Sony Erickson MTV Orange Kit Kat Channel 4 Wikipedia British Telecom Burger King Adidas Team Time!!! Final Task

Appoint a group leader

Appoint a head of finance

Choose a name Logo Quiz

How many Logo's can you name?

There are 57! Cross arms, hold hands

Cross your arms and link
to the person next to you.

Can you untangle? We are going to see how you get
on as a team. Remember, always
try hard to work together and support each other Prices
Paper (to buy)
Blue - 20
Green - 30
Orange - 60
Purple - 70
Red - 80 Origami
How much the customer will pay

Dog (Blue) - 20
Fortune Teller (Green) - 40
Chair (Orange) - 80
Swan (Purple) - 140
Heart (Red) - 200 Special Offers

Buy any 5 sheets and get 1 free

Advanced Instruction Book £550 Tax - ambassadors
collect 20% of
each groups money And finally...

What was the most important thing you learned today? Your challenge is to create products that you will sell for a profit

All of the products are based on origami. You will have to make them in your teams.

Each product has to be made on a specific colour of paper. Each colour of paper has a different price

The group with the most profit at the end of the game will be the winner You must buy all of your resources from the BUYER. They only accept cash, no loans!

When you have completed a product the CUSTOMER will purchase it from you for a fixed price.

If the product is of low quality it will not be purchased.

You must be very careful not to waste any money, if you run out you will go bankrupt :( Each group will start the game with the following equipment

A guide to origami The Rules No stealing
No cheating
No rudeness
No pushing in
The customer is always right!
Stop when I say Special Offers Starter Pack – 2 blue, 2 green and a red £140

Advanced Instruction Book £500 Paper (to buy)
Blue - 20
Green - 30
Orange - 50
Purple - 60
Red - 80 Price (to sell)
Dog (Blue) - 40
Fortune Teller (Green) - 60
Chair (Orange) - 100
Swan (Purple) - 120
Heart (Red) - 160
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