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Figure Skating


monty school

on 7 April 2010

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Transcript of Figure Skating

Figure Skating

Types of skating:
•Single: compete short program of required steps, jumps, and etcetera. Free skate long program,4 min=ladies, 4mic 30sec =men. Demonstrate their creativity, innovative moves and technical difficulty. Both set to music.
•Pairs: same format as singles, short and long program, one male one female work together.
•Ice Dance: performed by a couple, based on rhythm, interpretation of music and precise steps. Like ballroom dancing.
•Three parts in ice dance, compulsory dance= skating of prescribed patterns to music incorporating pre-determined rhythm and tempo. Original and free dance= created by couple to music of own choice, must include lifts, etcetera.
•Figure skates
•often leggings, tight fitting, flexible pants
•competion, skirts or pants, flesh-coloured leggings, tights under dresses and skirts.
•Men must wear pants, no tights
Beginning of figure skating:
•Jackson Haines considered founder of sport in 1860
•Established in Vienna, Austria
•First appeared in Olympics in London 1908,summer, pairs, singles
•Ice Dance, 1976, Innsbruck Austria
•compulsory figures dropped from figure skating Albertville 1992 Olympics
How Figure Skating works:
•9 International Skating Union (ISU) championship judges
•Use computer scoring system
•Secret draw before the event, determine which judge’s scores are used, only 7 out of 9 used
•New draw, each segment
•Assign grade of execution for elements used= technical score
•Conclusion, judge assign additional program component scores measure the technical and presentation abilities of skater, team .
•Highest technical and program component scores wins
The End!!!!

By: Michelle Lai
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