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Smart Boards

No description

Megan Baker

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Smart Boards

Reasons why we should have SMART Boards in our board!
SB680 (77" Diagonal) Interactive Board $1495
Mid level Projector (approx. $1200)
Ceiling Mount Kit/Wiring (approx $350)
Time charged back for installation ($200-$250)
Total: $3345 (taxes not included)
SB680i4 ("77 Diagonal with UF65 Projector on mast) $3345
Wiring: $50-$70
Time charged back: $300-$350
Total: $3725 (taxes not included)
Training is 1/3 of cost
Teaching and
Mentorship day with an experienced teacher
*Tutorials, YouTube
*Create committees within schools where
teachers can teach eachother

Portable SMART Board
Cost: $4000
Can be moved around but needs to be recalibrated each time.
Takes up a lot of space and has lots of cords, which can be a safety issue.


*Smart NoteBook Software
*Multi-touch pen tray and eraser
*Save function (anything written or drawn on
screen can be saved)
*Precision wall mount that fits any classroom

Differentiated Instruction
Engages students
Perspectives on the
Classroom USES
SMART Notebook is a learning software with a variety of
features that can help teachers create interactive lessons for
any subject.
Allows students to build
on walls to compile
information. A great
resource for brainstorming
ideas as a class.
Smart Board Exchange offers a
wide variety of Note Book lessons
and games that can be downloaded with Smart Book Express like
Jeopardy and Family Feud!
Interactive website such as "PBS Kids" work great on SMART Boards, and provide fun and interactive ways for students to learn and explore.
Brings the outside world to the classroom. Classrooms can communicate with other classes within our board or around the world.

Incorporates into daily learning
improves students' literacy of technology
teaches students strategies of to compile and organize information
exposes students to technology as a tool for researching, organization, evaluation and communication
allows students to work and think creatively as a class
connects the class to the world in more tangible ways than were possible before
why SMART Boards?
SMART Board interactive whiteboards promotes collaborative conversation during small group activities, successfully engages more students in group work and improves the learning outcomes of students. The interactive whiteboard encourages every member of the team to contribute to collaborative conversations. When the interactive whiteboard is used as a student-centered tool, significant gains in student performance can be achieved, particularly for activities that are cognitively challenging and require student discussion

Senteo Clickers can be used as a form of instant feedback.If a teacher administered a daily quizzes it could address any errors or misconceptions immediately. This is so effective. The old expression ‘nip it in the bud’ certainly rings true here. As a teacher you can find and
put a stop to misconceptions while they are still in early development.
**Senteo Clickers
Smart Boards and Visual learners
These students use visual objects such as pictures and graphs. They tend to remember things that are written down.
Visual learners can benefit from Smart boards when it comes to learning because Smart Boards allow teachers to present lecture in a software format with bullet points.
Smart Boards also allow teachers to switch browsers to use visual aids such as video clips, graphs and pictures.
SMART Boards and Auditory Learners
These students retain information through hearing and speaking. They prefer being told how to do things and summarize key points out loud to help them retain information. Smart boards allow teachers to use audio tracks and record lectures, directly to the SMART Board. They can then be added to class websites and students can listen to discussion and follow notes. They are also great for question and answer sessions.
SMART Boards and Kinesthetic Learners
These students use a hands on approach when it comes to learning new materials and like demonstrating rather than
verbally explaining.
SMART Boards help kinesthetic learners to manipulate being taught by allowing students to use the interactive pens. They are able to work hands on directly with information on SMART Board.
Senior Administration Leadership Presentation
By Megan Lucky
SMART Boards
Portable SMART Board
moveable, but safety issue with all
cords hanging around
SMART Board costs were given by our IT Coordinator
Videos were supplied by http://smarttech.com/
and www.youtube.com
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