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Global Food Crisis

A look into the global food crisis, its causes and what YOU can do about it.

Belinda Knott

on 17 May 2012

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Transcript of Global Food Crisis

Global Food Crisis What is the global food crisis? what causes global food shortages? what can i do about it? Global Food Shortage refers to the fact that
1/6 of the population goes hungry everyday.

Families are unable to feed themselves, because their wages are dramatically inadequate when compared to the cost of food and they are unable to produce enough food for survival. $$$ Many small farmers are denied financial support and a say in policy planning and investments because they are not growing profitable crops like... Of the ONE BILLION hungry: 50 % are small farmers 25% are landless individuals working in plantations 25% are urban poor that often come
from rural areas as a result of difficult living conditions in the countryside. Mismanagement of rural areas due to globalization has forced many people to abandon rural areas and move to cities… Higher populations within urban areas rather than rural areas means less space for personal food production as well as a higher demand for imported food… $$$ $$$ The population of people living in urban areas is increasing. Many countries were convinced that they would always have access to food at fair price from the international market. This caused those countries to begin growing only what they believed would make them a profit. These countries are now trying to feed themselves. Importing and exporting requires a significant amount of transportation to get from one country to another.

This transportation requires a lot of fuel... Climate change has greatly affected many areas of the world in their ability to produce food crops, either through increased drought, flooding, or the growing range of certain crops has shifted… FOOD vs. FUEL In an effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions, believed to be one of the leading causes of climate change, many crops have been diverted to creating biofuels. Since 2006 land in the US is being used for biofuel production. In 2006, the world’s grain consumption rate increased significantly...

not from HUMAN consumption
but from
FUEL consumption. The grain required to fuel a 95 liter gas tank with ethanol would feed ONE person for AN ENTIRE YEAR. Instead of feeding our children we are feeding our cars A study in Iowa found that a regional diet consumed 17 times less fuel than a typical diet based on food shipped across the country personal awareness In the US, it is estimated that as much as 30% of food gets wasted. food prices are on the rise * Rising transportation costs due to the increasing fuel costs
* Failed harvests due to droughts, floods and other adverse weather
* Economic gains in developing countries leading to increased demands
* Shifting of agricultural land to producing crops for biofuels rather than crops for food In Ethiopia some staple food items have gone up in price by 600% in just one year. In Tanzania, 1 in 10 children die before their fifth birthday. Malnutrition is the underlying cause of about half of these deaths. Countries such as Haiti, Cameroon, Egypt, & Senegal have had violent riots over the rising costs of food. drive less Alternate modes of transportation: Carpool Public Transportation Walking Cycling backyard gardening treat food with respect eat lower on the food chain BCR What are the negatives and positives of using crops for fuel?

What are you willing to do to help reduce world hunger?

Explain yourself and support your responses with details. http://freerice.com
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