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Sam Westing Heirs Connection Prezi!

Westing Game By: Ellen Raskin

Kelcy Giles

on 4 January 2018

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Transcript of Sam Westing Heirs Connection Prezi!

Berthe Erica Crow
James Shin Hoo
- Age 57
-mother died at child birth
-raised by father (deceased)
-Education: one year of high school.
-married at 16, divorced at 40.
-ex husbsband Windy Winkloppel
-police records: 3 aressts related to vagrancy.
-hospital records: related to chronic alcoholism
- started the Good Salvation Soup Kitchen.
-gave up alcohol when she took up religon
-works as the cleaning lady in sunset towers
-lives in sunset towers
westing connection: westing's Ex wife
-65 years old
-goes by the names Windy Windkloppel,
Sam Westing, Sandy McSouthers,
Barney Northrup, Julian Eastman.
Sam Westing
-Age: 28
-Born in china
-Immagrated from Hong Kong 2 years ago
-Married to James Shin Hoo
-The theif
Sun Lin Hoo
By: Kelcy Giles
The Westing Game

-Age: 50
-Born in chicago
-Added shin to his name when he
went into the resturaunt buisness
-His first wife died of cancer,
5 years ago.
-Married Sun Lin Hoo 1 year ago for her 100 year old sauce.
-1 son: Douglas Hoo
➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡see next bubble
(Sun Lin Hoo)
-lives in sunset towers with his
-high school track star
-compeats in competions
Douglas Hoo(Doug)
Gracie Windsor (Windkloppel) Wexler
-Age: 42
-Born Gracie Windkloppel
-Married to Jake Wexler
-Claims to be an interior decorator
-Time spent in the Chinese restaurant or beauty parlor
-She and Jake have two daughters
Jake Wexler
-Age: 45
-Married 22 years ( Grace Windsor Wexler )
-has two daughters ( Turtle & Angela )
Angela Wexler
=family connection
= partner connection
=Westing's family
Connection Arrows
Note: please remember for connections or else it will be confusing! :)
-Age: 20
-engaged to Dr.Denton Deere ( also an heir)
-One year of college (high grades)
-Victim of 3rd bomb
-Embroiders alot
-"perfect child" & "angel"
-Turtles older sister
Tabatha-Ruth (Turtle) Wexler
-junior high school student
-plays the stock market
-"Smart Kid"
-Kicks people
-Flora calls her Alice
= relationsip
Wexler westing connection : Angela looks like Violet Westing.
Dr. Denton Deere
-Age: 25
-graduate of UW medical school
-first year intern, plastic surgery
-parents live in Racine (not heirs)
-engaged to Angela Wexler
Christos Theodorakis
-age: 15
-has an older brother
-confined to a wheel chair ; disease struck about 4 years ago
- knows a lot about birds
-birdwatcher (ornithologist)
Sued Sam Westing for taking his idea of the paper dipper
Theo Theodorakis
-Age: 17
-high school senior
-works in family coffee shop
-wants to be a writer
-seems lonely, can't find anyone to play chess with him
Sydelle Pulaski
-Age: 50
-Education: high school & 1 year of secratary school
-secratary to the president of schulz sausages
-taking first vacation in 25 years
-lived with widowed mother and 2 aunts before she went to live in sunset towers.
-her first place of her own
-used a crutch even before she broke her ankle in the 2nd bomb (now she needs them)
- the mistake
Otis Amber
Westing's wife
-Age: 62
-delivery boy
-under cover officer ( a detective )
-fourth grade dropout
-lives in basement of Green's Grocery ( a bachelor)
-no living relatives
-westing connections: undercover detective for westing!
sued Sam for taking his idea of the paper dipper!!
judge J.J Ford
Flora Baumbach
- Judge
-Education: Columbia; Law degree, harvard
-Never married, No children
-Jobs: assistant attourney, Judge: family court, state supreame court. appellate division.
Ford Westing Connection: Westing gave her money for her to go to school.
-Maiden name: Flora Miller
-Husband left her years ago, sends no money
-had a mentally challenged daughter named Rosalie ( a mongoloid) , she died of pneumonia.
-spends most of her time at the stock brokers office.
Baumbach westing connection:
Flora made a dress for violet.
Alexander McSouthers
= special relationship
-Age: 65
-Called Sandy
- born Edinburgh, Scotland
-Immigrated to Wisconsin, age 3
-education: eight grade
-Jobs: Mill worker, Union organizer, doorman.
-Married with 6 children and 2 grand children
westing hired him to make
sure crow was safe
Ford Westing Connection: Westing
gave her money for her to go to school.
see Sam Westing's bubble for more details
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