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The Tale of Perseus

No description

Wesley Hoffman

on 10 February 2017

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Transcript of The Tale of Perseus

Topic = Use and Abuse of Power
Central Idea =
Power allows people to treat others how they wish

"The punishment I have reserved for you will have you begging for the same fate as your lover, Medusa you are cursed!"
(Hamby 20)
The Tale of Perseus
Polydectes forces Danae to be his wife
"Surely my sweet you will come to my palace with me and be my wife" (Hamby 22)
Literary Element
The literary Element that ties all of these examples of the central idea together is

Andromeda's parents feed her to a sea monster
"An oracle told them that in order to stop the beast they must sacrifice the princess Andomeda" (Hamby 27)
Athena Curses Medusa
So, the thesis is that power allows people to treat others how they want and this central idea is developed using characterization
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