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A Storytelling Tactic

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grace bantilan

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of A Storytelling Tactic

Ten Tactics for Using
Storytelling to Teach Reading 1. Whenever possible, the teacher should use storytelling to illustrate events in history, science or other subject areas. The teacher may use a storytelling technique to make the event realistic for the students. 2. When using storytelling to illustrate or present events from other subject areas, supplement the storytelling with video, films or subsequent discussions of the pictures in the subject textbook. Ask about any differences students may have noted between the teacher's story and the pictures in the text. 3. Have students tell stories of various types such as true stories or make up stories - to illustrate concepts. 4. Have several students retell the same story, movie, or television show. Explore the differences in each student's version, without judging any student "right" or "wrong" 5. In the middle of stories, stop to check on children's understanding of the narrative. 6. Have students use physical movement in telling stories to the class. A student retells the story while others silently "act out" the story. 7. Use music, rhythms or chants to tell stories to elicit active participation of students with varied abilities. 8. Have the students discuss and subsequently demonstrate how they might tell the same story to different groups such as with parents or friends. 9. Expose different students to different parts of the same story and let them narrate sequentially. 10. Encourage students to use or make a video presentation of the story. A Storytelling Tactic Closely allied with the retelling tactic,
is the use of story telling in reading and language instruction.

Storytelling involves the teacher, another adult o a child. Storytelling and language arts instruction give the ff. BENEFITS: Children with various backgrounds tell stories and are given the opportunity to explore cultural diversity.
Children can demonstrate knowledge of the subject matter more effectively in a storytelling format than on a written test. Teachers can help the students with multiple language capabilities. These include the ff.
language ability
understanding of story components
use of facial cues, voice tone and physical gestures for enhancing the interest level
understanding of cues from one's audience.
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