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Clark Kent

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Brotherhood

Brotherhood Project
Creation of the KKK
The KKK was created in a time were the entire country was divided into two pieces, the north and the south. Since the north was so much more industrialized than the south, the north won the war destroying most of the south. Not only is the south in pieces, but African-Americans are now equal citizens. Since the south is extremely racist, they adopted the KKK to bully African-Americans, republicans, and carpetbaggers.
Shad Being Recruited into the KKK
Terrors Shad Created
Since Shad was a new member he did most things that someone in the higher ranks did when they were new. Mostly all he did was play stupid, childish pranks on African-Americans. Like the one prank were Shad and Bubba (a friend of Shad's and a KKK member) tricked an African-American family to think that they were ghosts. They did this so when
put water into a goat's bladder in his hood, it seemed as if he was drinking that water.

Then the time Shad took a skeleton's hand and tried to shake hands with an African-American (who was a member of the Freedman's Bureau).
These were done solely to terrorize African-Americans.
The League of the South
Like the KKK the League of the South is based in the south and was founded by Neo-Confederates. Their ultimate goal, "a free and independent southern republic." They want to return to a more traditionally conservative, Christian oriented southern culture.
Recruitment into the League of the South
Terror the League of the
South Creates
The KKK vs. the League of the South
The KKK becoming irrelevant in the US
Dismantle the League of
the South
Since the League of the South is a newer group you can be easily recruited by filling out an online form or by printing a form and mailing it to them. Unlike the KKK, joining this group is completely optional, but joining the League of the South does cost money (unlike the KKK). Plus you joining the League of the South isn't a secret. Even if someone didn't know at first, the public would find out when you went out into the open along with your League of the South friends. Since they really aren't doing anything illicit, they don't wear masks like the KKK did.
The League of the South doesn't really do violence like the KKK did. All they do is protest against whatever they think is wrong, so far they seem to abide to pacifism. For instance, they always have different demonstrations against different people, things, or beliefs.
The KKK and the League of the South are different in time and in style, but somewhat have the same goal, make the Confederacy (along with southern culture) rise again. Now, although the two groups have roughly the same goal it doesn't mean that they have the same methods for getting what they want. The KKK is a very violent group and the League of the South which is a fairly non-violent group. The League of the South may have a bit more power/influence than the KKK, while the KKK's numbers are in the hundreds, the League of the South has numbers in the thousands. Now the exact number is not definite, but within four years into it's creation it has grown to about 4,000. Then in 2000 they had about 9,000 and that will soon increase to 15,000. In 2009 the president of the League of the South (Michael Hill) claimed to have 25,000 members, but that figure is believed to be ridiculously large and false.
In about 1871 the government started to pass different acts like the Ku Klux act, which enforced the 14th amendment, guaranteeing civil rights. They also had a number of different police units that were only for arresting KKK members. So it went away for a few decades, but then came back in the 1920's and they are still around today (but in few numbers).
I personally think that anything that is based on a belief can never really be dismantled. As long as there are people that believe in this it will never truly go away. The only way I see to really dismantle this group is to arrest all members, but that really wouldn't work. In order to do that they would have to commit a crime, and since they aren't violent, the only crime I could conceive of them doing is treason. Personally I don't think that they will gain enough members to secede and commit treason. Something easier to do, get people to stop believing in this, try and get them to stop be so racist. You could force them to be around the races that they despise, but that just might make them more angry. You could try to get them to talk to people that aren't racist why they aren't racist. You could also educate all citizens, this would hopefully prevent people from being blind of the future.

Creation of the League of
the South
The League of the South was founded in 1994 by Michael Hill and others. They did this, again, to return to a traditionally conservative, Christian based southern civilization. This organization, like the KKK is a racist hate group.
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When Shad joined the KKK, all the current members gathered around him and started antagonize him. He had a live bird put down his shirt, and then they put donkey ears on him. After that he said an oath, then he was in. Now how everyone else joined would probably vary on the recruitment and/or the person who is the Grand Cyclops at the time. Once Shad had joined he wasn't allowed to tell anyone about it. After all they are doing some illegal stuff. It would be bad news if a list of the people involved with the KKK came out.

The KKK Today
This was handed out in Chesterfield, VA
Michael Hill
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