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Compass Communications

Campaign proposal for the Coalition for Alcohol and Drug Free Teens. Compass communication will guide you through new approaches to envision your organization and its mission.

Nkechinyere Nwoko

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Compass Communications



3-TEIR CAMPAIGN C Communications mpass Brandon Carter Callie Berchem NC Nwoko Morgan Eberle Stacy Merrick OUTLINE S.W.O.T. Analysis Key Findings 3 Tier Campaign Safe Homes. Safe Communities The Virtual Tour KEY FINDINGS Survey Content Analysis Interviews Articles only explain what/who the Coalition is
Initiatives are not catching media attention
Events that had media coverage were over a year old
Parents overestimate how many children get alcohol from their homes, but feel it is unnecessary to lock up alcohol in the home.
Guidance counselors are active communicators with parents
Coaches believe students need to be more educated about alcohol and drug use.
Student resource officers interact with parents mostly after a student is implicated in an incident involving alcohol or drugs.
Community Parents Adolescents Logo
Bookmarks/Car Magnets
Branding Sponsorships Football Fun Zone PR Materials Press Releases
Media Packets
Fact Sheets
Student Ambassador Program F. R. E. E. Finding
Everywhere strategies and tactics Website
Social Media
Virtual Mall Tour
Other Partnerships
Student Ambassadors (Orange County FREE)
Commercials (PSAs)
Coaches Talking to Students
Other: Tailgate and Celebrity Endorsements
Community Goal 1: Build awareness of the Coalition’s mission in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area. Objective: To increase awareness and name recognition of the Coalition among the community by 50% by February 2011. Parents Goal 2: Promote Talk It Up, Lock It Up among parents Objective: Objective: To increase communication among parents and also foster communication between parents and children about reducing alcohol consumption in the home by 25% by December 2010. To have 10% of parents physically lock up their alcohol by February 2011. Goal 3: Promote an alternative lifestyle for middle school students. Adolescents Goal 4: To promote an alternative, healthy lifestyle for 50% of middle school students in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area by end of school year (June 2011).
Objective: Objective: Engage adolescents in Coalition sponsored events. To increase participation among adolescents in all four middle schools in Coalition sponsored events by 50% by April 2011. Student Run Strategic Communications
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