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"A Vendetta" by Guy de Maupassant

No description

Bianca Pappano

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of "A Vendetta" by Guy de Maupassant

About The Author
Bad outcomes come from committing a crime.

Mrs. Saverini's son, Antoine, is killed

Nicholas Ravolati

Trained her mutt to fight

Saverini's dog rips Nicholas's throut out

Satisfied with her vengance, son can now rest in peace

Protagonist : The mother, Mrs. Saverini

Antagonist : The murderer, Nicolas Ravolati
By Brianna, Marisa, Rory and Bianca
"A Vendetta" by Guy de Maupassant
Point of View
Two Different Literary Devices

Widow Saverini vs Nicolas
Person vs. Person

Nicolas stabbed Antoine, widow swore a vendetta on him
On a beautiful cliff with a narrow strait going through it.
The time is about before video games, laptops and cool cars.


August 5, 1850
Franco-Prussian War
3rd person limited

"She did not weep, but for a long time stayed motionless"
Mrs. Saverini is intelligent and brave
1880's Poems
Syphilis and mental disorders
Dr. Esprit Blanche at Passy, in Paris
January 6, 1893
The two literary devices we found were suspense and nemesis.
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