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History of Pasta

The history of pasta and it's many possible origins.

Dalton Macaulay

on 28 May 2011

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Transcript of History of Pasta

The History of Pasta Pasta has been in China for a very long time.
History suggest that Chinese noodles have been
around for at least 5000 years possible 7000 years but
there is no proof. making it the oldest known
form of pasta. Possible Origins One possible origin is that the Ancient Greeks and Romans made the first one called lagana a few thousand years ago. Which is to be like lasagna only it is roasted on rocks not boiled. Then it is thought that the Etruscans made it
3000 years ago out of wheat and egg paste. Like
with the Greek and Romans these were not boiled.
Instead they were baked. These were to be the first
tube shapped pasta but there is no proof to support it. Greeks and Romans Chinese Etruscans Arabs The first recorded form of boiled pasta was by the Arabs in fifth century AD. This pasta they make is usually kneaded for a day with there feet. Marco Polo It is said that pasta was first introduced to Italy in 1295.
This was not the case since a solder was recorded to have a whole basket full when his inventory was checked in 1279. So sixteen years before Marco Polo came back with it from China. So that Marco Polo brought it to Italy is wrong. Over the years pasta continued to get more
popular. To the point that now you can find
pasta almos everywhere. Also it has been said
that most people eat twenty to sixty pounds
of pasta a year. Making it one of the more
polular food dishes be it spaghetti, lasagna,
ravioli or one of the other forms. Most Notable Addition In the year 1839 the first known recipe for
tomatoe sauce was recorded. This revolutionized
the way pasta was eaten. Before it was eaten plain
with your hands. With the addition of the tomatoe
sauce it now had more manners required when eating
it and was now eaten with a fork. It is still a popular
topping put on pasta to this day and led to many
other toppings added to it. Now Recipe There are many ways you can make pasta dough this is just one.

2 1/2 cups of all purpose flour
2 eggs
1/2 cup of water
1 tbls of olive oil
1 tsp of salt

a fork, saran wrap and clean working space

First take 2 1/2 cups of flour and put it on you table. Then make a
well about the size of your hand or a bit smaller. then crack your eggs
and put the contents in the well. Then add you olive oil and salt. Next
use the fork to brake the yolks and start adding the flour by going around
the inside of the well. As you are doing this slowly add the water. As you
mix the ingredients it should start to get thicker. When it gets thick enough
to hold in your hands take the left over flour and start kneading it into the
dough. When the dough is no longer very stickey and bouces back you dough
is done. Roll it into a ball then wrap it in saran wrap until you need to use it.
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