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Christine by Stephen King

No description

Aaron Lynn

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Christine by Stephen King

Christine by Stephen King About the Author Stephen King was born on September 21st, 1947, in Portland, Maine. He is considered one of the most successful horror authors of all time. His first novel, Carrie, was published in 1974. More than 40 movies have been based on King's novels. Main Characters Arnie Cunningham - Main protagonist. He is a nerdy, high school loser who doesn't have many friends other than Dennis. His behavior takes a turn for the worse after he buys his new car. Dennis Guilder - Narrator. He is a friend of Arnie's, tries to convince him not to buy Christine. Christine - Main antagonist. Nicknamed by Ronald LeBay, it is a possessed car that goes on a murderous rampage throughout Libertyville. LeBay sells the car to Arnie at the beginning of the book. Ronald D. LeBay - He is an old, grumpy Army veteran who is always angry. He sells Christine to Arnie. Leigh Cabot - new girl in school who has moved from Massachusetts, becomes Arnie's girlfriend (and later, Dennis') Plot The story is narrated by Dennis four years after the events in the novel.
One day, Arnie and Dennis are driving home when they pass by a 1958 Plymouth Fury for sale outside a man's house. It is a big, ugly, piece of trash that should have been scrapped a long time ago. Roland LeBay, the owner of the car, notices Arnie's interest and sells it to him immediately for $250. While Arnie and LeBay go inside his house to fill out paperwork, Dennis gets in the car. While Dennis is sitting behind the wheel, he has a vision that he is back in 1957, when the car was brand new, driving around an older version of Libertyville. He becomes scared and gets out of the car immediately. He decides that he does not like this car, and tries to convince Arnie not to buy it. However, Arnie doesn't listen and buys the car anyway. LeBay always called her Christine, so Arnie decides to do the same.
Arnie brings the car home to find his parents disapprove of his decision and become angry that he did not consult them first. He is forced to leave the car at Darnell's, a local car garage owned by Will Darnell. Arnie starts spending most of his time at Darnell's working on his car. Literary Terms Foreshadowing - "Will's mind began to turn and he began wondering how he could put what he knew to his own advantage." Cause and effect - Arnie was obsessed with Christine, so his grades start to plummet and his girlfriend breaks up with him. Metaphor - "The left side of her windshield was a snarled spiderweb of cracks." Simile - "I heard some kid's rod peeling rubber - it made a sound in the night like a hysterical woman's desperate laughter." Vocabulary:
haughtily - blatantly and disdainfully proud
exalt - to elevate by praise or in estimation
facade - a false, superficial, or artificial appearance or effect
crass - being beneath one's dignity Genre - Horror Moral/Theme - Don't let one job or thing become the focus of your entire life. Symbolism - The old man reappearing in the car represents the past coming back to haunt you. Will Darnell - owner of Darnell's garage and a criminal, suspected of selling illegal items such as drugs and guns. Buddy Repperton - a bully who goes to the same school as Arnie and Dennis. Plot Plot A new girl transfers to Libertyville High School named Leigh Cabot. She is considered the most beautiful girl in school. She decides to go out with Arnie, much to everyone's surprise. They go out several times and begin to fall in love.
After a while, it appears that Arnie's behavior has changed entirely. He becomes obsessed with Christine, driving the car around and working on it nonstop. His grades begin to slip, and he starts to have a terrible attitude.
One night, while Arnie and Leigh are driving home, she begins to choke on a piece of a hamburger. Arnie doesn't know how to do the Heimlich Manuver, and she almost dies. Leigh becomes afraid of the car because as she was choking, she thinks she saw the dashboard turn into a pair of bright green eyes, watching her choke to death. Realizing that Christine wanted her to die, and thinking about Arnie's obsession with Christine, Leigh forces Arnie to choose between her and the car. Arnie calls her crazy, saying he shouldn't have to get rid of Christine, so Leigh breaks up with him. Dennis and Leigh begin dating soon after. One day at school, a bully named Buddy Repperton tries to antagonize Arnie, and they get into a fight. The fight goes wrong when Buddy decides to pull out a switchblade. It is spotted by one of the teachers, and Buddy gets expelled from school. As revenge, Buddy and his friends attack Christine, making it appear to be destroyed beyond repair. However, Arnie gets Christine repaired as if she was brand new within several weeks.
One day, a member of the group suspected in vandalizing Arnie's car is discovered dead on the side of a road. He was run over numerous times, as if a car drove forward and back on his body. Nobody could possibly suspect that no one was behind the wheel.
Other members of Buddy's gang begin to die by hit and run, including Buddy himself. A detective of the State Police, Rudy Junkins, begins to suspect Arnie of committing the murders as revenge for attacking his car. However, the investigation doesn't go far because Junkins is also killed. Dennis and Leigh know that Christine can drive by herself, and she is responsible for the murders. They know they are next on the list to die, so they create a plan to destroy Christine. Plot Dennis borrows a large tanker truck from a friend to use to destroy Christine. He plans to lure the car to Darnell's Garage so he can lock her in there and destroy her.
Once he locks Christine in the garage, Dennis notices Arnie's father inside the car; he is already dead. Dennis rams his truck into Christine enough times to puncture her gas tank and the car explodes into pieces. Two policeman later take the parts and put them into the crusher behind the garage. Christine appears to have been destroyed.
After destroying Christine, Dennis discovers that Arnie and his mother have also died in a mysterious car accident on the highway. Dennis attends the family's funeral. Leigh and Dennis eventually break up.
Four years later, Dennis is now a teacher at a junior high school. He still has nightmares every once in a while about Christine. He reveals that he is telling the story once more because of an incident in Los Angeles that was reported in the news. A former Libertyville High School student who was friends with Buddy was killed by a car in a drive-in theater. Dennis believes that Christine is back, and he will be next.
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