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How to create a Prezi

Debby Ray

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Prezi

Steps to creating a Prezi 1. Double click anywhere and start
typing. Type in all your ideas. 2. Drag the canvas over if you need
more room to type on. 3. Arrange your ideas and create
hierarchy through size. When you click on one of the text boxes,
you will see the striped transformation zebra
which lets you move (center of the zebra),
size and scale (inner ring of zebra), and rotate
objects of any kind (outer ring of zebra). 4. Add images from the Insert menu
(top left corner) Tip for adding images: Collect all images
you want to use for your Prezi and place
them in one folder for easy access. 5. Create your storyline or path. Use the zoom buttons or mouse wheel
to zoom out to make it easier to see your entire
prezi which will help you determine the path of
your ideas. Click on Path in the top left corner and
then click on a part in the order in
which you want it to appear. If you want to change the order, you can Delete All and start again
or drag the unassigned path ball (it appears between path numbers) to the object you want to show. 6.. Click 'Show' top left corner to present.
Step through your prezi with the arrow buttons
or arrow keys. You can click to zoom in and out
of your ideas at any point and press the arrows to get back to the path. rotate size and scale move Path Number Path Ball
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