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Themes in Night Project

No description

Izaiah and Somaly

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Themes in Night Project

By: Izaiah and Somaly Night DEATH PERSEVERANCE This is an example of how cruel the Nazis were in the way they forced the Jews to do treacherous work at the camp or else they'd be burned to death. The Darfur Genocide MODERN DAY INJUSTICE Death and Perseverance "At every step, white signs with black skulls looked down on us. The inscription: WARNING! DANGER OF DEATH. What irony. Was there here a single place where one was not in danger of death?" (Wiesel 40). "Beneath our feet lay men, crushed, trampled underfoot, dying. Nobody paid attention to them" (Wiesel 89). "It is a concentration camp. Here, you must work. If you don't you will go straight to the chimney. To the crematorium. Work or crematorium--the choice is yours" (Wiesel 39). DEATH DEATH DEATH The claws of death were following them everywhere, they couldn't escape. They could be killed at any moment by the Nazis, whether it was because they weren't of any use to them or by fatigue. -Millions of innocent civilians in Sudan had their villages destroyed and thousands were killed by the Janjaweed militia. -The government of Sudan responded to the two Darfuri rebel movements by ordering a mass killing, rape, and pillage against civilians in Darfur. How is this related to the theme of death? "The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is a duty of the living to do so for them" (Lois McMaster Bujol). PERSEVERANCE PERSEVERANCE PERSEVERANCE PERSEVERANCE MODERN DAY INJUSTICE DEATH "As I bit my lips in order not to howl with pain... he continued to hit me harder and harder... Abruptly, he calmed down and sent me back to work as if nothing had happened" (Wiesel 53). Elie endured the beating, he did not cry out in pain or resist. He simply kept it all in and continued to work afterwards even though he was severely injured. "The Kommandant announced that we had already covered twenty kilometers since we left. Long since, we had exceeded the limits of fatigue. Our legs moved mechanically, in spite of us, without us." (Wiesel 87). Even though Elie and his fellow Jews were withered and beat with fatigue, they still kept on marching until they reached Gleiwitz, the concentration camp. ""Shlomo, I am getting weak. My strength is gone. I won't make it..." "Don't give in!" my father tried to encourage him. "You must resist! Don't lose faith in yourself!"" (Wiesel 102). "a little girl of seven. On her back a bag too heavy for her. She was clenching her teeth; she already knew it was useless to complain" (Wiesel 19). At this point in the story, they've become weak and doubtful that they can make it. Elie's father tried to strengthen them by urging them to keep going and to not give up or lose faith despite the suffering. Even though the little girl couldn't handle the weight of the bag she carried, she remained silent and kept walking with it on her back, because she knew if she stopped, she would get killed. "A small red flame...A shot...Death enveloped me, it suffocated me. It stuck to me like glue" (Wiesel 86). Elie almost wanted to die at this point of the story. Death seemed like a better option than suffering in the concentration camp. "We no longer feared death, in any event not this particular death. Every bomb that hit filled us with joy, gave us renewed confidence" (Wiesel 60). Although the innocent Jews' hopes of living again were dwindling everyday, occasional breakouts in allied attacks gave them hope and a motive to keep moving forward. -On Monday, April 15th 2013, a bomb exploded just after the four hour mark of the Boston Marathon. Three innocent people were killed including an 8 year old boy, and at least 130 more are injured and currently hospitalized. Boston Marathon Bombing Death was consuming everyone around them that it became ordinary. During the march to Gleiwitz, bodies were dropping and everyone kept on marching over them. They began to look out for their own survival that they didn't mind about others'. "All around me, what appeared to be a dance of death...I was walking through a cemetery... Nobody asked anyone for help. One died because one had to. No point in making trouble" (Wiesel 89). When they were ordered to halt from their march at an abandoned village, they let themselves sink into the snow, so overcome by weakness and the freezing cold, that none of them bothered to be saved from death. (crematorium) "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily" (Zig Ziglar). In this picture, even though it is raining, the man isn't giving up and is still running. Even though the man is on the edge of the cliff and is about to fall in the picture, he keeps holding on. Like the girl who kept walking until they could stop, the person is showing perseverance in this picture by climbing until the top of the mountain is reached. This sign means that there is a danger of death ahead, much like the ones seen by the Jews on their way to the concentration camp. In this picture, a village in Darfur is burning down, leaving all the civilians to find a new place to go. As no evidence is pointing to a particular suspect, downtown Boston is a bustling crime scene with volunteers and service officers working non-stop to rebuild any thing harmed by the explosion. People sent their prayers from across the world for these runners and our national security agencies are persevering to solve this problem and find its cause to prevent anything like it from ever happening again. How is this related to the theme of perseverance? This picture involves death since the whole town behind the guards is burning down and they don't seem to notice or care. This is a picture of the explosions and medical help rushing to the scene immediately. This shows perseverance since there's a long road ahead of you but you can get there if you keep going and not give up, like they did on their long, torturous march. In this picture, even though the pawn is against a full collection of pieces that will destroy him, it faced the others and did not give up like the Jews who endured their suffering. This picture shows the Grim Reaper, who comes and takes the lives of people, much like the cold and weakness that took the lives of the Jews. Being behind gates and surrounded by guards was almost worse than death as you see here at the man staring at the barbed wire. All of the innocent lives that were taken away aren't able to stop all the deaths and horrors that is happening in Darfur, so it is our duty to help them. You have to keep going in life, similar to the way you have to shower everyday. If you don't work hard and keep up with everything, things aren't going to smell, I mean, look, good. WORKS CITED Wiesel, Elie. Night. New York: Hill and Wang, 2006. Print. "Lois McMaster Bujold Quotes." Goodreads. Goodreads Inc.,, n.d. Web. 12 Apr. 2013. "Zig Ziglar Quotes." SearchQuotes. Searchquotes.com, n.d. Web. 12 Apr. 2013. Quote: Governor Deval Patrick says next year's marathon will be"bigger and better".
The President also announced that he will be attending an interfaith service for the tragedy on Thursday morning in Boston.
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