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Aging in the US


Jennifer Cowley

on 19 May 2009

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Transcript of Aging in the US

Adaptation to Change: Aging as a Challenge to Urban and Regional Development
Demographic Shift Housing Labor Silver Economy Mobility Health Care Governance Stable to declining birth rates (about 2.1 children per woman), stable to declining death rates
Age distribution is changing. Between 2005 and 2020 the Census predicts
Population <50 will increase by 4%
Population 50 to 64 will increase by 21%
Population 65+ will increase by 33%
Projected Demographics Labor Demographics In the US many of those over the age of 65 continue to work
Currently 15% of those over age 65 are emloyeed
80% of pre-seniors plan to work at least part time after age 65
Seniors want lower stress and lower physical activity jobs Marketing in the Silver Economy American marketing companies are very aware of seniors as consumers
Ads feature seniors and market products specific to them
Housing and Health Care are two areas were significant marketing can be seen Senior Housing Communities are Popular By living in suburbs seniors are auto dependent
Public transit available, but sometimes difficult for those with physical disabilities Numerous health care choices
Many specialized facilities
Ability to pay and access to facilities are critical issues Health Care Needs Mobility Needs Large number of seniors available for volunteer work
Large number of seniors influence policy in favor or seniors Governance Issues Questions?
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