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Alt Econ Progress Workshop 1 Presentation

No description

Liana Marinelli

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Alt Econ Progress Workshop 1 Presentation

Showing the progressive steps to our budding Alternative Economics visual media thesis project. How We're Flourishing Storytellers: We have 10 potential interviewees!
Our relationships with the storytellers are blossoming. We are seeing what we can work with from our experiences by attending the potlucks, exchanges, cabinet meetings, etc.
Our relationships with the community partner is blossoming as well.
We're doing fundraiser/silent auction at RiRa on March 21st
Setting up infrastructure with Youth Mentoring program
We're exchanging time with members of the TimeBank in order to increase exchanges and offer feedback. Images to share: [Throughout presentation]
Our process with photovoice: New members being recruited, we are just beginning photovoice. People have been more than willing to take pictures, are interested in our ideas.
Any findings about the stories we want to tell: We want to let the stories guide our final message, we don't want to try to make the story so people are less willing to tell their own.
Unexpected turns/developments: Purpose of our project: RELATIONSHIPS! & Youth Mentoring Program.
Systems/Institutions connections: Radical ideas and difficulties of accepting alternative ways apart from the system set in place.
Target audience: Partnering organizations (i.e. PC)
Final event: Increase awareness and involvement in TimeBanking
Actual change within society: Open up involvement, awareness, and establish this economy of relationships [sharing, offering, exchanging, etc.]
How will we know we made progress?: Increased membership, exchanges, relationship with PC and establishment of Youth Mentoring Program.
Storytellers & Community Partner Relationships Initial Findings/Developments Final Event/Social Change Questions By: Jess Cohen, Liana Marinelli, Sharron Myers, & Nicolette Zimmerman Timetable Overall Questions / Challenges Feedback from Global Econ 2-16-2013 to 3-17-2013 – Phase 2: Filming & Photography

Continue exchanging time, blogging, and researching
Complete majority of filming, interviewing and photography
Write voice over and other things for documentary – work out some details!
Get donors for Silent Auction
Cabinet meeting on 3-4-2013. Hopefully we will be able to attend if anyone is around.

3-17-2013 to 4-10-2013 – Phase 3: Finish Filming/Photos

Fundraiser at Ri Ra on 3/21/2013
Finish all filming/photography/interviews
Begin editing with community partners who are involved
Finalize small details of the documentary
Start putting the final product together!
Cabinet meeting on 4-1-2013. All four will attend if back from Easter break.

4-10-2013 to 4-25-2013 – Phase 4: Finalization!!!!

Finalize documentary & photos (on 4/15/2013)
Finalize potluck event plans (Week of 4/15)

4-19-2013 (tentatively) PUBLIC PRESENTATION! Potluck event.

4-28-2013 to 5-10-2013 - Assessment of impact and development of statement of impact/future endeavors.

5-6-2013 – Final cabinet meeting. Impacts of global issues: Giving people a channel to deal with the effects of a global issue. Establishing communal networks of supports.
Ethical dilemmas: "Coming from a place of privilege". Members skeptical of our attendance at the TimeBank
Any other challenges: Our purpose and work within the TimeBank (We've already talked about and worked through this challenge.
Getting consent to take pictures. How to make it as least awkward as possible.
Describing our project to people. Maybe we, as a class, could make a prompt? Alexis:
People who resist TimeBanks stories. Ask them to attend potluck.
Did you guys offer a photovoice learning session in exchange for something else or was photovoice only discussed with the storytellers?
Give storytellers timeline
Find junior to help establish lasting relationship with PC
Closeness of relationship with storytellers: do you think that the fact that you have such a close relationship will that affect their photos?
Taking photos without a prompt? Make prompt general
What happens at cabinet meetings?
What is the fundraiser specifically for?
How, specifically, are you going to assess your final presentation/social change?
Really should have a prompt for phototaking/photovoice
When you said you wanted to connect with at risk members, what exactly did you mean?
I think the stigma you are talking about is something that people from PC probably face in a lot of areas around here, not only at the time bank. I’m sure your continued efforts with them can show that you’re there to help them and not just there for yourselves.
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