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Roles and Functions Of Educational Media Center

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irene lorenzo

on 6 December 2014

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Transcript of Roles and Functions Of Educational Media Center

Roles and Functions Of Educational Media Center
To know what is Educational Media Center
To understand it's roles and functions
To be ale to know how EMC perform to serve the teaching-learning process
To know what elements must an EMC possess to be effectively function as one
It is a

teaching agency.

It teaches students how to find information; it stimulates new interests; it encourages students to use a variety of media; it keeps teachers informed about new materials.
It is a
service agency
. In it all procedures are established as the basis of service to students and teachers: schedules are changed and altered when necessary to serve a need; materials and equipment are circulated; use of media center facilities by individuals and groups is encouraged.
Educational Media Center Functions as vital instrument as well as basic requirement for quality education by enriching all parts of the school's educational process. It reflects and supports the philosophy of the school. It shares and implements the school's aims and objectives.
It is involved in the teaching and learning process.
coordinating agency
- it serves as central depository for various forms of media it encourages the use of those kinds of materials which can be used by individual students and teachers as well as for small group of class needs; it is one place in the school where anyone may come at anytime.
stepping stone to other

community resource centers
and to desirable lifetime intellectual habits, it introduces the students in other community resource centers.
What is EMC (Educational Media Center)?
-An EMC is a facility designed for the housing and utilization of all educational media within the school.
It is a
source center
. In it different forms of communication and their accompanying technology organized and housed for easy accessibility and use.
It is a
learning laboratory
. It provides materials which will enrich and implement the curriculum: it encourages individual exploration and inquiry: it provides materials and facilities for research and self directed learning.
A center for
recreational reading, viewing and listening
. It provides a variety of recreational materials to fulfill the current needs of the range of interest and abilities for the studentry; it provides assistance to students in the selection of these materials; it provides facilities for individual and group uses.
1. Orientation
2. Selection of print and non-print materials
3. Organization of print and non-print materials
4. Circulation of print and non-print materials
5. Reference
6. Bibliographic Service
7. Media Instruction Program
8. Class Supervised Research
9. Grade Level newspaper
10. Mags-on-Wheels
11.Photocopying Service
12. Video and Sound Production
13. Multi-media Services
What must an EMC have to be a functional EMC?
To have a functional EMC it must have the following elements:
1. The institutional media services
2. Media and instruction
3. Classroom Facilities
4. Media program
1. The institutional media services
Is the administration committed to a media program?
Is the program of media services administered by a media specialist through media center?
Is the center operating at the same level as other major institutional services of the school?
Are there clearly defined policies, procedures, an plans for short, medium and long term coverage?
Is the center provided with appropriate facilities, finances, (a regular budget) and staff (both technical and clerical?
Is the center capable of giving media technology advises/assistance to the faculty?
2. Media and instruction
Are the faculty encouraged to use media as an integral part of instruction?
Are classrooms Equipped and/or adapted for the best possible use of educational media?
Is the media center accessible to all classrooms and lecture/conference rooms?
Is there educational media technology information dissemination?
Is there proper cooperation between faculty and the professional media staff in the planning, developing and using media for instructions?
In particular, are faculty members assisted by the media center staff in analyzing teaching needs and in designing, selecting and using educational media to meet these needs?
Is there an adequate storage, filling and retrieval/borrowing system for instructional hardware and software materials?
Is the center capable of technical operations relating to technical assistance, equipment repair and cleaning, continuous of upgrading of facilities?
Is there a capability for production of graphics, audio, visual and other media materials for instruction?
3. Classroom facilities
Are classrooms designed for and provided and essential facilities for effective use of educational media?
Specifically, are classrooms equipped for full light control, electrical outlets, appropriate ventilation and media operation space?
Are classrooms equipped with a bulletin board, chalkboard, projection screen, map rails, etc. for instruction using media
4. Media program
Are there clear out administration policies on the media program?
Is there an adequate source/system of funding?
Is there appropriate hiring of media center supervisions, creating and technical personnel, consultants and clerical staff?
''We have said that the best ideas in the world are to be found in a modern library. But the modern educational media center must include excellence in varied media - not merely in printed materials."
- Edgar Dale
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