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Crusades Day 3

No description

Amelia Merwin

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Crusades Day 3

Crusades Day 3
Do Now - Wednesday, January 18, 2015
At the end of the Second Crusade, the _________ controlled Jerusalem. During this Crusade, the Muslims were led by __________. Instead of ___________ his hostages like the Christians did, he usually freed them or sold them.

Because they lost, the Christians launched the _________ Crusade. Things started out badly when their leader _________ in a river. A new leader, ____________ of England took control of the Christian forces. He and the Christians lost, but they signed a treaty with the Muslims. The treaty said that peaceful __________ would be able to visit ___________ from then on. Ultimately, however, the Third Crusade is seen as failure for the __________.
Exit Ticket
Image Analysis
So far, we've learned about general effects of the Crusades
Today's Learning Objective
SWBAT argue whether the Crusades
hurt or helped European Christians,
while citing at least two pieces of
evidence from the informative text
"Christians and the Crusades"
1) Muslims taking control of the Holy Land

2) Christians taking control of the Holy Land

3) A peace treaty allowing Christians to visit

4) Increased interaction between Christians and Muslims
Written Response:

Which crusade do you think was more
historically significant?
(the First or the Third?).

Have at least one piece of evidence to support your opinion.
FIRST Crusade
is the
most historically significant!
THIRD Crusade
is the
most historically significant!
What do you see in this map?
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