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Juan Valdez is used by Harvard as a model of business manage

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Erika Riveros

on 10 May 2014

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Transcript of Juan Valdez is used by Harvard as a model of business manage

Juan Valdez is a symbol of Colombian pride and currently has 182 stores
For American consumers (USA).UU.) Juan Valdez is a brand with authenticity
The Colombian company was selected as a case worthy of study
The 1960 and 1970 ad campaign made Juan Valdez, the name of the fictional character representing a producer of coffee, Colombia managed to become synonymous with coffee. But in the 1980s, the rise of Starbucks, which revolutionized the consumption of coffee, and the fall of grain prices reduces revenues of the National Federation of coffee growers of Colombia, owner of the brand Juan Valdez.
The federation, which represents more than half a million small farmers, decided to launch an ambitious international expansion plan, which was to sell their coffee in their own cafes.
Colombia is the world's largest producer of coffee after Brazil, Vietnam and Indonesia, and farmers are an important engine of the economy. They are the owners of the Juan Valdez brand, and use, the promoter of coffee Colombia has given around $17 million for the construction of schools, hospitals and roads in their regions.

Erika Riveros
Saturday, May 10, 2014
Isabel Rodriguez
Business Case
The challenge is how to build markets in other countries using the success of your brand and your business model but rephrasing your marketing strategy', expressed Dann.
The man's mustache that traveled through the mountains of Colombia with his poncho to shoulder, straw hat and his Mule Conchita has come to Harvard. Juan Valdez, the advertising character who helped popularize the Colombian coffee in the world, is being used as a model for business management and innovation nothing less than at the prestigious American University.
Many companies that aspire to conquer the international market, Juan Valdez faces obstacles and the study of Dann and Norton explains it in detail to familiarize the students with the opportunities and risks that globalization brings
Juan Valdez is used by Harvard as a model of business management and innovation
"There are not many cases of business innovation in developing countries " , said Jeremy Dann, Professor of business innovation
The case of Juan Valdez is a good example of a brand successfully formulated a new strategy to engage in an innovative way. That is more difficult than the original innovation '.
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