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mikel moncayo

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of ITALY

CLIMATES ITALIAN ISLANDS PO VALLEY This area is in the North of Italy and is called Padana Plain. It has a continental climate with cold winters and hot summers and moderate rainfalls. ALPS REGION CENTRAL ITALY PO VALLEY The inner zone of Italy, about 200 m about the sea level, has a Mediterranean climate. In the Apenins zone the climate is wetter with a lot of rainfalls. Agricultural fields, like the Toscana landscape: CHAMOIS Several animals live in these forest: lynxes, vultures, bears... ALPINE MARMOT The vegetation is arranged in different zones: coniferous forest, alpine meadows and permanent snows. The landscape is composed by: GRASSLANDS AND FIELDS TEMPERATE EVERGREEN FOREST MEDITERRANEAN LANDSCAPE can be: THERE ARE DIFFERENT LANDSCAPES: Mediterranean forest with beeches, pines, oaks... MIXED FORESTS in the mountains zones can be: THERE ARE DIFFERENT LANDSCAPES: Montane deciduous forest in Apennines. Mixed Montane forest in Southern Apennines. This type of biome is localitated in the litoral zones of Italy, in the coast. It has a Mediterranean climate, with small variations depending on the situation. ITALY COAST The typical vegetation are the xerophilous plants, bush and scrublands (garrigue and maquis). ITALY COAST The wildlife is composed by mammals (goats, rabbits, hedgehog) and reptiles (lizard, snakes...) The Southeast of Sicily Island hasn't forests because the nature is very exploited. Sicily and Sardinia Islands have a Mediterranean climate with mild and wet winters and hot and dry summers. The vegetation is less abundant. In the river and lake areas live diferent varieties of fish, like carps and eels, and a lot of types of aquatic birds. In the fields the wildlife is composed by mammals, like hamsters or horses. D
K HORSES This area is formed by the Italian Alps, and it has a Mountain climate. We can find here: red fox, ibex... WOLVES In the Mediterranean zone the wildlife is composed by small mammals: wolves, wild boars and also live birds, insects and small reptiles. ITALIAN ISLANDS Sardinia has a vegetation formed by Mediterranean plants, but more dried. The vegetation is also composed by olive trees, oak, prickly pear, bougainvillea. The animals are similar that the Mediterranean wildlife: herons, cows, donkeys, small reptiles. WE ARE GOING TO TALK... Daniel Margelí, Antonio Marta, Miquel Moncayo, Albert Risco, Esther Solé. ALPS REGION BOUGAINVILLEA OLIVE TREES ALPINE ACENTOR APENINS PADANA PLAIN ITALIAN ALPS TOSCANA SARDINIA SICILY The climatology in Italy has Mediterranean character , with regional varieties depending on the zone. Concerning the climate and the biome, most of Italy would be considered as Mediterranean, but also we can find temperate hardwood forest and temperate coniferous forest. THE END LIZARD
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