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Pearl Harbor

Madi Allen Antoon Period 1

Madi Allen

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Madi Allen
Period 1 Participants of Pearl Harbor Facts Of pearl Harbor Iinteresting facts Pearl Harbor brought the United States into WWII
Japan destroyed the USS Arizona, the USS Nevada, the USS Oklahoma, and the USS West Virginia
Many memebers of the United States congress didn't want to start war
Japan sent the United States a declaration of war, the US thought it was an ending of negotiations
Japan thought battleships were the strength of the US
December, 7th 1941
Took place on O'ahu in Hawaii
Fought between the United States and Japan
Lasted 110 minutes ~ 7:55am -9:45am

United States of America Japan Casualties United States casualties:
dead: 2,403 civilians: 68
wounded: 1,178
Japan casualties:
dead: 55 & 9 midget submarine crews
Maps of pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor- O'ahu Hawaii Pearl Harbor video http://www.5min.com/Video/World-War-II-Japan-Bombs-Pearl-Harbor-1354529 Located in the Pacific Ocean
Between the US and Japan Pearl Harbor Strategies Japanese used suprise aerial attacks
Torpedo planes, bombers, and fighters
Japan won; had suprise attacks US wasn't prepared
Concluded to the United States joining war
and outcome Weapons Japan:
mini subs
aircraft carrier group
torpedo planes
United States:
machine guns

Sources googleimages.com
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