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Ninja MasterPrep Pro

No description

Christine Tromp

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Ninja MasterPrep Pro

Ninja MasterPrep Pro
Pricing Strategies
Pricing Strategies
Short Term Marketing Objectives
Pricing for the Market
Product Positioning
Support and Services
Customer Expectation
Any Questions?
Pricing Strategy Recommendations
- Value Based
- Priced above the market
- Optional Product Pricing
- Product Bundle Pricing
Ninja MasterPrep Pro System
Marketing Objectives
Pricing Strategies and Suggestions
Pricing for the Target Market
Discussion and Feedback

Target Market
Support and Services
Online manual
Product registration
Free trial
(Sullivan, 1997)
Positioning of the Ninja MasterPrep Pro
(Sullivan, 1997)
(Sullivan, 1997)
"To create high quality products that truly delight consumers and that result in increased sales for our retailers and therefore, for the company as well”
Valued at only $120
Value-based pricing
Customer expectation and perceived value
Bundle packaging
Affordable for the target market segments
Product Positioning
Customer Expectation
Product A - $69.90
Product B - $119.20
Cost-based or Value-based?
Pricing Strategies for existing
Product Mix Pricing
Will the product mix affect Ninja sales?

Pricing for optional products?

Is our initial sale captive?

Do we offer product bundle pricing?
(Ninja 2013)
(Target 2013), (Amazon 2013), (Acquirgy 2011)
(Ninja 2013), (Target 2013),
(Acquirgy 2011)
(Target 2013)
Source: Ninja: Rule the Kitchen, 2013
Paun, D. A., & Compeau, L. D. (1997). A Model of the Influence of Marketing Objectives on Pricing Strategies in International Countertrade. Journal of Public Policy & Marketing , 1-3.

Sullivan, J. C. (1997). Concept marketing: Value versus price. National Underwriter , 1-2.

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