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Breath, Eyes, Memory

No description

Shania Valcourt

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Breath, Eyes, Memory

Main Characters

Sophie was a young girl age of twelve, who was raised by her aunt Atie. She stayed with her aunt who lived in Croix-des-Rosets, Haiti.
Sophie makes a handmade Mothers Day card she has been saving to give to Atie.
But Atie refuses to take the card from Sophie, insisting that it belongs to her mother Martine.
Sophie Caco
Sophie grows from a young girl into adult women with her own child. She cannot stop her mothers nightmares or even getting tested by her mother. She fights back by getting married to Joseph and leaving her mother house. Her mother relationship came along way into becoming a role model for Sophie.
Tante Atie
Tante Atie spent years taking care of Sophie while Martine was in New York. As Sophie was sent back to her mother that greatly affeted Atie life in a bad way. Atie returns to care for her mother after Sophie leaves.
Shania Valcourt
Period # 1
Every now and then Martine would send Letters to Atie and Sophie asking about hows things are doing just to check up on them. But this time things were different, Martine mailed plane ticket and instructions to send Sophie to New York.
When Sophie receives the news she is devastated. Days before Sophie was sent to New York she visited her Grandmother in La Nouvelle Dame, Haiti.
She finally went to New york with her mother and try her best to adapt to the new lifestyle. Years later she then have her own daughter name Brigitte.
Breath, Eyes, Memory
"Love is like the rain. It comes in a drizzle sometimes. Then it starts pouring and if you're not careful it will drown you.”
“If a woman is worth remembering,' said my grandmother, 'there is no need to have her name carved in letters.”
“...women, brave as stars at dawn”
“It is the calm and silent waters that drown you.”
“Here, though, there is nothing. Nothing at all. The sky seems empty even when I am looking at the moon and stars.”

Main Characters
Martine is Sophie mother, she was raped and got pregnant with Sophie which scared her for life. Martine is the reason Atie moves to Croix-des-Rosets to care for Sophie, and the reason Atie moves home to care for their mother in Dame Marie. At night while Martine is sleep she is constanly hunted by nightmares, but all of those things came to an end with her commiting suicide.
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